Power steering motor rear seal STILL leaking , ahhhhhhhhhh

Well, still chasing a seal leak on the power steering motor on the d14 . I have pulled the front support off (twice) , once to rebuild all of the power steering components, and then again to replace the seal where the steering wheel shaft enters the steering motor. The fittings below this seal are not leaking , and i've definately traced the leak to this seal. I watched the seal as the steering wheel rotated, and it did "wobble" a little from side to side, so i fabricated another shaft support so the steering shaft is perfectly stable (added zerks on the bottom of both of them while at this ). So, after all this and a new seal, it still is leaking . I'm stumped. Doc Allison - maybe this one is for you. I rebuilt the steering motor. It isn't that complicated, but i'm wondering if somehow i could have done something wrong. Otherwise, that seal is sorta whimpy to keep the oil in the steering motor. Not sure what the hell to do at this point. I live in kansas city. I'm pondering this for about another 15 minutes, then i'll be knee deep in beer and super bowl party. Thanks for any help.

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