PVC pipe repair

First question you need to find an answer to is, WHY did it break there?

Then do the repair with the couple shown in post #12, You may need to glue an extension into the pipe after you cut away the broken parts.
First question is: Do you suppose he has already gotten it fixed in the 6 months since he posted this?
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I like the extendable couplers. Cut out the bad section, glue one end of the coupler, stretch it out and glue the other end. I am leary of the orings also so I wrap the patch in the plastic bag from the store.
I would suspect the back fill pulled the line down some causing it to break with age. My brother had that with a well fitting on the casing when the dirt settled it pulled the pit less adapter down so it leaked shortly after install. Well guy had warranty work then. Seems to be fine since it was redone.
I would use some new pipe and tee and a Fernco on each leg to nail it in. You would also need a mud sucker pump to get the water out and keep it out. You may also need to go back with poly to correct a mis-alignment which caused the break.
It sounds like you've got a leaky PVC pipe. Since the leak is at a joint, fixing it might be tricky. One way to fix it is to use a slip-fix coupling. This type of coupling is longer than usual, so you can slide it over the pipe and position it over the leak. You'll still need to do some digging, but not as much as you would for a regular union. Another option is to remove the leaking joint and replace it with a new one. This involves cutting the pipe, so ensure you have enough room to work with. If you're uncomfortable doing this yourself, consider calling a local plumber in Brisbane. They can take a look at the problem and suggest the best solution.
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Trudging across my field through knee high grass and weeds headed for my well pump house to investigate low water pressure at the house when I came across a very wet spot.
Yes you guessed it my 1.25 inch pvc water pipe is leaking and water is bubbling out of the ground.

It is leaking right where 2 pipes join together in the pre formed slip joint on the end of one pipe.
I can not see it from all the water in the hole I dug but I can pull the pipe up and down and feal it click as the joint moves.
First time I have ever had a glue joint fail on pvc pipe.

So how do I fix this??????

I am reluctant to use one of those screw together joints with the oring because this will be buried.
I guess I could dig back 10 to 15 feet on either side of the break so I can move the pipes around better to get a new union on both ends but that seems like a lot of work.
I have seen on youtube people grind the stop out the inside of a union so you can slide the union all the way on one pipe and then slide it back to center to join the pipes. This seems like a recipe for a bad glue joint from sliding the union around so much.

I'm all ears for your ideas.
There are gasketed repair sleeves that can be slid over a piece of pvc and the line up the other piece of pvc and with them lubed up slide it halfway. I am in the rural water business with about 175 miles of gasketed pipe in the ground from 8" down to 2". We will NEVER INSTALL glued pvc. It will start to have leaks after about 5 years. Ground shifting and pulsations in the water flow contribute to leaks.
The sliding repair fitting will hold up fine underground. I installed one for my brother 20 years ago. It's buried 4 ft deep between his walkway and the house.
I changed some sprinkler system lines in my front yard and pulled out one of those PVC compression couplings that I put in 30 years ago and it was still holding and still looked like new after I washed the dirt off.

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