Radiator gasket

Good Morning
I had to pull the radiator off my 1961 Minneapolis Moline Jet Star to take it in and get repairs done to the radiator.
Once the radiator was off, I was finding that the gasket was trashed! I and needed to be replaced.
Anyone know what type of material should be used in this application,?? Regular gasket material, cork, rubber??
Cant tell a whole lot about it as grease, oil, anti freeze, have taken their toll.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this question
The radiator shops sell a rubberized cork strip that works well. It comes in rolls about 1 wide. You have to punch the bolt holes in it and overlap the corners.

I installed several with that stuff and the only one that leaked had an imperfection (rust pit) in the bottom tank at one of the corners. A bit of RTV in the pit, reinstalling the radiator, 24 hours wait time and that one was also good to go.

Of course you clean up the tank surface like you would clean it for any other gasket.
Buy a roll of rubberized cork gasket material and cut out a one-piece gasket that fits the tank. A thin layer of RTV silicone on both sides. Assemble the core to the tank loosely with all fasteners and snug everything down. Let silicone setup before tightening the fasteners or you'll squeeze out the gasket. I've done many this way and never had an issue. I found the radiator shop gasket to be too thick and wouldn't allow some radiator fasteners on side covers to line up correctly when assembling so I stick with the thinner rubberized cork instead. I think they were originally just a thick paper gasket.
I've cut a gasket out of 1/8 rubberised cork. Does it seem to be the right thickness? The old gasket (not mine) was rubber, also about 1/8 thick and with lots of silicon, just the ordinary plumbing stuff. It sealed fine. This is the second time around. The first time I coated the rubberised cork with Aviation Form-a- Gasket and then had to take it off again because of leaks around some of the tubes. The gasket was ruined trying to get it unstuck. I find you can normally take things apart with Aviation Form-a- Gasket but not this time - perhaps I used to much. I was going to just do it dry but will try locating of RTV.


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