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I have a model B tractor and my starter will not crank the engine. I took the starter off the tractor and with jumper cables, (it has posative ground) it spins over nicely on my bench. When installed I hooked the jumpers directly to the starter and it will not crank the engine over, just a "grunt" sound from the starter. The battery is fully charged, has new cables and everything looks to be clean inside the starter. The tractor was sitting in a garage for 5 years prior to me getting it and the tractor starts well when I use the crank start. What could be wrong? Thanks Donedeere in New York.
When a starter delivers no torque it needs repaired. It should be disassembled, the armature checked on a growler and the fields checked for shorts. Possibly all it needs is comutator trimmed, new brushes and bearings.
before you do anything to the starter, did you turn it over by hand with a hand crank?
did you remove the plugs and squirt some oil into each cylinder and then turn with a crank?
My CA sat for 2 years and it wouldn't turn over with the starter. I did the above and the starter spun it over real fast. the cylinder walls get dry and the pistons don't want to slide. Bob
One, setting for that long may not be good thing. But as previously mentioned, rotate by hand? But with my B which I use every week to mow with, if when I shut it down and the crank stops ??? might be top dead center, or perhaps bottom dead center, I get the same thing. With the ignition off, I'll put it in 3rd gear, grab a couple of tire lugs and rock it foward a couple of inches. When I take it out of gear, turn on the ignition and hit the starter, will turn over with ease.

Setting that long though...not the best thing in the world.

Good luck.

The tractor starts and runs great when I use the crank starter. It regularly starts when turned over with no more than 2 turns of the crank so I don't think it would be engine related, just a weak starter. Thanks everyone, DoneDeere
Check your starter switch. Also the bolt taht conducts through to the windings. Both can become eroded and not conduct electricity well. If it's a Delco starter parts are available. If it's an Autolite parts are very difficult to find. I finally ended up changing my originall Autolite to a Delco--no more problems.

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