testing a WC coil

Its easily possible to test if a coil is BAD using an ohm meter butttttttttttt a simple ohm meter does NOT tell you if its good!!!!!!!! cuz it can easily breakdown under high voltage and/or operating temperature which the simple ohm meter continuity test doesnt indicate.

The low voltage primary winding of a typical mag coil may be in the vicinity of well under an ohm to no more then a few ohms but if its open ITS BAD. Similar, the high voltage winding would be more in the thousands of ohms but if its open (or shorted out) ITS BAD. Again, however, it can pass both those tests but still fail at high voltage and temperature.

So the correct answer to your question is yes and no lol

John T
If it is on the tractor and it has a yellow kind of a small spark, it is a good sign the coil is bad. Another somewhat good way is if the tractor runs for a while and then there is no spark as the coil overheats and gets a weak spark.

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