Thinking About A New Tractor

I have some one row equipment I wanted to pull with it, not sure if it can handle a 6' mower though, the pto hp is there, but subcompact frame I am not sure about.
I would heavily consider a Kubota. Kubota owns the subcompact market in my area because in my opinion they are the better small tractor. 100hp plus I'd go green anything less I wouldn't consider anything that's not orange.
Agree with others below. Dont go geared at this hp level. Hystat is a huge advantage and it takes away the whole live PTO issue. If youre going to settle for geared and none-live PTO in this size, you might as well save yourself tens of thousands, and buy an old Ford 861.
I bought a JD 4700 Hydro about 25 years ago. Good tractor but worst mistake I made was buying it without a loader. A few years later I bought a loader for it.
I say if you can afford it and it makes you happy go for it. I've traded more than one good tractor in that did the job but I just wanted a new one that I liked better.
I don't know anything about your tractor. I can tell you that I own a 2320 diesel 25 horse. Mine was made in Japan and I suspect yours is also.

Bottom line---------I sure would like to talk to the people that designed mine. I can't say many things nice about it, wished I never bought it.
Some say there is no such thing as free interest.
I got a good deal and got free interest.
Please check out what Kubota is selling.
I don't trade in anything.
I'm a big fan of investing money.
My Kubota is being paid for from an investment, an annuity, I made years ago.
Look up Messick's on Youtube. They had upwards of 100 5 minute long videos talking about tractors......mostly Kubota. The thing that I gleaned from many of their videos is information on what makes a good tractor, regardless of brand. He also does a lot of comparison between competitors models, and a lot of engineering tests to show the benefits of different tires, loaders, implements, etc. There is also one where he goes thru and interviews a customer to find out what he wants his tractor to do, then starts to direct the customer to specific tractors. I learned a lot sitting on the couch, and helped me pick out my Kubota a few years ago.
John Deere dealer in Marietta, Ohio has a brand new one with 4 hours on it and a LOADER advertised for $28799. That loader lists for around $6000. That would bring the price of the bare tractor in at somewhere around $23000. Still too much for me but you might check with them to see if they'll sell it without the loader or, you could buy it with the loader for not much more than your local crook is asking. I bought a new John Deere compact tractor in September and man, did they ever have deals going on 2022 models. Those are all gone now though.
(quoted from post at 15:02:50 12/13/23) In 2019 I bought a new Kubota L3560
Loader, cab, 5 year zero interest and sales tax included for

I only have one good dealer in town, a Kubota Case/IH.

I think Kubota is still offering interest free loans.
Geo, About a week after you got yours I bought L3560 Kubota with loader and cab for $31,000. It was the loaded one not the striped down one, had all the extras.

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