universal trans/hydro oil?


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universal trans/hydrolic oil, witch is a 10/20? Will this oil work for my trans and differ oil in my 59 power major?
Can anyone give me some advise on this. The local store here only has Harvest King universal trans-hydraulic fluid. On the bucket it says SAE 10-20. Will this work in my 59 Fordson Major?
Ford says that you can run 30W where originally specified as 80-90W, but thicker oil is generally better for gears than thinner. 10-20W will probably be pretty light oil, of course light oil for light use might be okay.
We are talking tranny here, not engine. I run 15-40 in my engine and have had no problems. My advice on the transmission is, if you are going to run it most of the year in below 32F degree temps then go with 30 WT. If you are going to run it in above freezing temps most of the year then run 90 Wt. Hy-tran fluid is used in most tractors of the 70's and 80's and beyond. But with these old tractors, it is best to follow the rules or you will break something. 8N, 9N, and 2N Ford tractors were designed to run on 90 Wt oil. The hydraulics will fail if you try to run them on universal tractor fluid. I would assume that the Fordson hydraulics are similar. Dandy Dave!
Manual says 90 viscosity. Works well. I.ve used FMD & FPM fore man y years and use the #90 gear oil as Fomoco suggests.. Don,t vary from factory specs..



My FMD was built in early 1956. The following pictures were taken from its factory Instructions aluminum Info plate secured to front side (Engine Side ) of bulkhead between batteries and back of engine.

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