wagner loader for 1943 allis c wide front

scott hardin

New User
i was givin a wagner front loader off a 1958 ford
850 tractor. can i mount this loader on my 1943 allis chalmers c with wide front, and make it a working loader
that loader would probably be way to big and not fit well if at all. Plus it would probably be way to heavy for a C. A ford 850 is around 45HP and a C around 23HP so the C would be on the small side
If you can find a loader that would fit your C, it would most likely be a Henderson. I have one for my B, and the same model that was made for the B fits the C as well. They usually use a Char Lynn pump to power the hydrolics on them. They're not made to lift too heavy objects, but are good for light duty tasks around the house like hauling some firewood and mulching.
I would agree with old, that yes, you can mount it and use it, but it is oversized for the AC model C. Henderson did make loaders for the C, but a Ford tractor, a decade or more newer, would have used a heavier loader. It all depends on hydraulic capacity and how much you expect to lift with it.
thanks for the info.i was told it would work with a few modification as long as it was lite duty.
i'll give it a try and let you know...
can the pto on my 43 allis c handle the wagner
loader off a ford 800 just for lite duty 200lbs
manure or snow removal. if not the wagner came
with a original pump,can this be used some how

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