MA Hick

New User
I own a 1942 WC and i took the head apart last night to replace the head gasket. When i took the head apart (when sitting on the tractor the left side) there was two holes in the head gasket that match the three that are on the right but the head didn't have the holes that matched the gasket. It looks like there were holes but they had gotten plugged up so I tried to see if it was plugged and took a pick to it but it looked like it was metal. Does anyone know if there are supposed to be holes on that side of the head or not!?
i dont remember any holes on a 3 inch head being plugged i can look at one this weekend to verify or maybe someone else has one off that they can look at sooner .
It's nothing to worry about. AC added a couple of head bolts after the early WC to correct a seepage problem. Apparently your head has been off before and reinstalled using the later gasket, which became the only gasket available.

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