WD Wheel locked up


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I have a WD Allis that one rear wheel has "locked up" and will not turn...Tractr has been setting several years..I am going to need suggestions on where to start...How do the brakes work on these tractors...Is there a cover I can rake off to look at them? Any and All suggestions are Appreciated..
First off buy a manual. Next yes theres a cover over each brake that you can pull off and look at whats going on. But its strange if you have had it for years you should have seen the cover years ago
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Gary, on top of the differential housing, you will find two covers, each held on by two bolts... you will most likely have to remove the seat mounting bracket to remove the right cover...If the tractor has been sitting a while, you will most likely find the brake housings under these covers to be plugged solid with mouse nests..they can get in there from the convenient "mouse holes" that Allis cast into the bottom of the casting...These mouse nests are bad for trapping moisture and rusting up the brakes..If this the case, clean up the mess as good as you can and spray the links with a penetrating oil and work the brake pedals back and forth till they free up...If the wheel "locked up" from just sitting for a period of time, and ran ok before sitting; this is most likely what you will find....Let us know what you find....BDT

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