WD45 hydraulic/engine oils


New User
According to the manual, I should use 10W oil for the hydraulic system this winter. Has anyone run universal tractor hydraulic oil and had any problems? It seems to me that modern hydraulic oil would be better than 10W oil...
For the engine, 10W oil is spec'd. for operation below 32*. What does everyone else run in these things? Would 10W30 work or should I use a straight weight oil?
I think 10W30 would work fine for the engine and hydraulic oil would be fine also for the hydraulics. The hydraulic oil is nearer in viscosity to 20W so if your looking at -20F, it might be a bit stiff. I grew up in Minnesota and -20F was common. We did not change hydraulic oil for the winter with no problem - but then we didn't use the hydraulics much in the winter.

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