Wd45 wide front


I have a wd45 that spent most of its life with a loader on it. I bought it from my uncle. They were tough I guess no power steering. The rear support on the front end has had the two bolts that hold the pivot bracket to the cross member have been loose for a while. One has fallen out a couple times by the look of the pulley and bracket. The holes are all hogged out and I can't keep the bolts tight. I have been unable to find replacement parts. I need to fabricate or get replacement cross member and support bracket. I have the equipment and ability to make new parts but I would like a measurement from the end of the cross member to the center of each the holes. Also would know the distance vertically from two mounting holes on the bracket to hole for pivot bolt. I may be over analyzing this but I want it right. A better idea or any other help is also welcome. Thanks.
Do not measure center to center by measuring from two unknown locations. Measure between the two hogged out holes and
settle on a standard fractional inch distance, then find the center of the crossmember and measure 1/2 the center to
center distance to one side from that, and then from that point to the other hole. Make the center pivot hole in a
similar method by averaging the apparent distance across the hole. and use 1/2 of that to set the distance (in fractional
inch rounding) to locate the height. Use grade 8 bolts and locktite, not lock washers. Jim
The holes in mine are about 1" from top to bottom. If the front pulley was not chewed up it would be rubbing. I don't feel like there's enough left for me to get it right. I have 3\4" washers behind the nuts to keep it on the tractor.
The cross member should be easy to find in any AC salvage yard- the cross member is drilled for the wide front support bracket even on the narrow front tractors. If you find one from a narrow front, those two holes will not be wallowed out- they havent been used. From that you can easily fab the support bracket, or weld the wallowed out holes solid, mark, and redrill with correct size and spacing. The vertical distance is such that the front end frame is level when the pivot is in the right place.
I never realized the narrow front ones were drilled as well. So if I understand you properly I have a WD with a narrow front. I could switch the cross members between the two tractors then get thing level measure center of hole to center of pivot pin an I should have everything correct.
I didn"t know they were drilled either, until last Fall, when I switched a WD45 narrow to a wide front that I bought. I think you have everything you need to work with.

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