Wheel removal

Bob Shepherd

New User
Just inherated an old allis chalmers (model b i think. I don't have a shop manual yet but do have a flat tire. I have the hub nut off and the 4 rim bolts off but nothing seems to want to come apart. Anyone know how to get the wheel off? any immediate help would be appreciated.
Front or rear?? Hub nut does not need to be removed or you could end up with some heavy metal on your self. If rear some times it take a big hammer to brake them free and or turning the cams in the 2 cam locks some to get them to pop loose
Hobby farm
replace the big nut and tighten it up. look at the heads of the rim clamp bolts. at least 2 of them will have a "cross" on them. the long end of the cross should be pointed toward the rim. turn them 180 degrees and the rim should be loose. remove them completely. do not loosen the other 2 bolts. with the secured bolted clamps at the top, pull out the bottom of the rim and lower the jack enough to release the rim from the top brackets.install in reverse. Bob
Thank you very much. I will follow your procedure 1st thing in the morning. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this.


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