white 2-70 vibration and noise


I have a White 2-70 that has a developed a bad vibration and noise in the driveline, does it in all 3 ranges and does it
around 1800-2000 RPMs. I have checked sprocket alignment, and it has new sprockets and chain coupler. Also, if you have the
tractor idling you can hear it and the 3 speed will jump up and down at the back where the coupler is. Hoping someone can
tell me where to look to fix. Thanks

Does your 2-70 have the support bolt under the 3 speed? I have two 2-70s one had it, one didnt. Wasnt that the bolt went missing it was never tapped for the bolt from the factory! The one without the bolt had two ears broken off were the bell housing attaches to the adaptor plate on the back of the engine. Vibrated and made wild noises like something was about to fly apart just like you are saying. For the 3 speed to jump up and down like you are saying you probably have loose/missing bolts or broken off ears,also possible motor mounts bolts could be loose? The only other spot I can think of is the bolts that bolt the 3 speed to the bell housing? When it jumps up and down does it move relative to the back of engine or to the bell housing? The support bolt presence and its adjustment is crucial, as there is a lot of overhung wieght hanging off the relatively small 3/8 bolts that bolt the bell housing to engine. First pic is the support bolt,second is the bolts INSIDE bell houising. ( I happenen to have one of these apart)

Im pretty sure that the bolts are loose or the plate is cracked. I checked the bell housing bolts and they are tight, but the 3 speeds moving around so i guess i will have to pull the motor and 3 speed and see what I can find. thanks

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