The Perfect Collection

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The Perfect Collection
If money wasn't an issue, and you could only have 5 in your collection, which antique tractors would they be?

Another great discussion from the Tractor Talk Discussion Forum.

The discussion started out with the following post:

" I thought it would make for some interesting discussion for many of you to post what would be considered your dream or perfect antique tractor collection of five tractors, assuming room for storage and cost were not a factor. I have posted my "Perfect Collection" on the Farmall board. List any brand preference but keep it to pre 1969 tractors (at least 30 years old). Also say why you pick each choice if you would like to. "

What followed are some interesting replies:

" 1. John Deere U/S "G" 2. John Deere "GM" 3. John Deere "G" styled 4.John Deere "G" Big CI. 5.John Deere "730 Diesel Std." "

" 1. 1942 2N (Stainless)
2. 1952 8N
3. 1953 Golden Jubilee
4. 1958 861 PowerMaster With SOS (Show Only With This Tranny)
5. 1964 4000 4 cyl. Gas (model 41202)

" Allis Chalmers: G,B,IB,C,And CA. Pretty narrow minded of me, maybe add an RC to the list. "

" Any, any at all. "

" Allis G - Maybe soon, just cute.
Farmall CUB - Have it, love it.
Farmall S-MTA - Have it, Great tractor.
John Deere A - Have it, "THE" American tractor.
McCormick 10-20 - Memories (see YT article archives under "Self starting tractor")

" I have NO brand loyalty, as you are about to see. Most of my choices are either tractors I have experience with, or have lusted after since I was a kid.

1. JD 830 pony start with the biggest Rice and Cane tires you can get. Reason: IMHO, it's the studliest tractor ever built anywhere, and the sound of two cylinders under a real load is a world-class symphony.
2. JD 420C or 430C with a three-point and a dozer blade. Probably the prettiest crawler ever built, with the possible exception of a 350C.
3. McCormick Super W6, 'cause my Dad had one, and I spent a LOT of seat time on it. Again, the prettiest IH ever built.
4. An early Oliver. Don't know enough about 'em to give a specific model, but it had the Green/Yellow/Red paint scheme, full sheet metal, styled. A 60 comes close, might be a 70 that I'm thinking of.
5. A late AC WC. Uncle had one, another pretty tractor, lots of great memorys associated with it.
6. (Okay, so I can't count...) A Super M. Another Uncle farmed over 1000 acres with a fleet of these, and I just can't imagine a "no limits" collection without one. "

" Oliver 995-love the sound
Case LA w/3-71 detroit
JD 730 Diesel-good puller
JD AOS-I love the fenders
IH 600 gas-lots of chrome

" Well, my selection HAS to include six tractors to complete the theme I've chosen. They are as follows:

1938 Oliver 70 RC
1938 Cockshutt 70 RC
1948-53 Oliver 77 RC
1947 Oliver 88 RC
1938 Massey-Harris 101Super
1938 Graham Bradley

I chose these tractors because they are all fully streamlined, and all six cylinders. They are the epitomes of the classic tractor. "

" FARMALL H ,my first tractor,still have it! OLIVER TWIN 880,never have seen one in person,sure would like to. FORD 961 wide front,like that red and grey paint scheme. OLIVER OC-6,with 3 P.H.,a crawler would be cool! Hate to admit this one ,jd 2 popper, hand start. "

" Farmall M: The back bone of many a farm of Yesteryear.
Farmall MD: Jest because I've always wanted one.
Farmall Super C. With belly mower kin do what a gray one can.
Farmall cub. Mowing and such.
John Deere 60: Just like the looks.
I'd like the M's to have wide fronts..... "

" Massey Harris four wheel drive on steel, not rubber (don't know model #) can someone help me with this please. I would also want it with the Hercules 6 cylinder.
Ford 8n - Because every back yard should have one with a Sherman hi lo
Farmall F30 - Just because of the great IH tradition.
AC WD45 - Just in case you actually need to do any work.
Any Cletrac
Sorry, no greens (well maybe a GP) "

" Cletrac F-just because,
Cletrac EN-same reason,
BO Lindeman-very rare,
JD 830-lots of fun,
Cat D8-more fun

" Farmall F-20 because it's the first one we tinkered with.
Farmall F-30 because we don't want that F-20 to be lonely now, do we?
Farmall Super M because it just has the sound and the looks to be a favorite.
John Deere 630 because it's got good looks, it has features found on newer tractors, but it still sounds like a Johnny Popper.
Oliver 550 because . . .well, I don't know exactly why, but I like the way it looks. It can do every thing a Ford can do, but it's not a Ford. (that's not a Ford bash. I just mean that Fords are much more common in these parts than Olivers, which makes a 550 a more unique part of a collection). "

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