What's In Your Tractor's Toolbox?

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Talk of the Town:
What's in your Tractor's Toolbox?

This recent discussion on the Tractor Talk discussion board here at the on-line magazine drew so much response and proved to be so interesting that we wanted to share it with you here. The names of the people participating in the discussion have been left out to "protect the innocent" (to quote a once-popular television series).

The discussion started out with the following post:

"Just thought it might be interesting to hear what different people carry in the tool box on their tractor. I know I carry pliers, vice grips, extra hitch pin and link pins, a spark plug thats been there since the fifties and the can for the exhaust stack."

What followed are some very interesting replies:

" Extra key to the truck so I don't have to ride the tractor back to the house during a down pour!!! "

" I keep a chain to pull out any John Deeres in trouble! "

" I keep my lift-arm balls in there, along with assorted tools. The balls on the lower lift arms of my 3-pt hitch will fall out when not in use (the keepers are missing), so I keep the balls in the tool box. "

" Mine being a working tractor, I bought a little larger tool box and mounted it on the left rear fender on the light bracket. It carries a crescent wrench, rag, beater, clevis, screwdriver and hitch pins. Too new for rust. "

" I carry a rag and a bottle opener. "

" (To which someone responded) What he neglected to tell you is the trailer he pulls with the trailer that has the refrigerator, the generator to power the refrigerator, gasoline for the generator, and oh yes, the brewskis! "

" In the winter season here in Wyoming we carry a can of ether, a bottle of Schnaps for cold starting facilitation, a screwdriver, a rag, adjustable spanner wrench, pins, links and a bottle of Snakebite medicine for snow snake bite. In the summertime see above list. "

" I have a spark plug, a rag, a screw driver, pliers and rust. "

" I have rusted bolts, nuts, nails, leaves, and rust flakes. "

" Our toolbox most often contains a mouse nest and the resulting "mouse debris". Upon removing the nest we find mostly rust and grain hulls. On many of our "field art" tractors the toolboxes contain large holes in the bottom and not much else! If they don't have holes they do hold a large quantity of water. These are not very popular with the mice. "

" Divorce papers! (If my wife makes fun of my tractor again!) "

" My tool box only has one thing, a flask of old grand dad. After a few swigs that ride on the tractor sure feels alot smoother. "

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