What's the "Stuckest" You've Ever Been?

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What's The "Stuckest" You've Ever Been?
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Another great discussion from the Tractor Talk Discussion Forum.

The discussion started out with the following post:

"I was about 14 (part of the problem) when I got stuck. I was disking with a cab equipped IH 966. The window was dirty and I was driving into the evening sun. It was hard to see and it was my first pass down the field. I got the tractor so stuck that the underside of the tractor was resting on the ground. My uncle wanted to beat me to death (he didn't). We broke chain after chain. We pulled it out with 2 JD 4430s. "

What followed are some interesting replies:

" We lived on top of a mountain, but owned all the way down into the bottom of the valley. The State was taking about 1/2 acre of our land near the road, to improve a nasty curve (which caused several very mangled cars to be deposited in the creek at the bottom). Well, we figured that we'd save the State a lot of work by removing all of the timber from the parcel in question. I was using a JD350 crawler/dozer. Dad had his JD420 crawler/dozer. Our neighbor had his mid-60's MF something (I can't recall which model he had) with a big loader on it. My best friend was using my Ford 1720.

We were cutting down the trees as fast as we all could go, stripping the branches, and skidding them over to the other side of the little stream. I had placed several large oak trunks over the wet area, so that the wheel tractors wouldn't get stuck. For those of you who have never run a crawler in a damp area, the track pads tend to suck the moisture up to the top very quickly. This can turn a slightly soft spot into a quagmire in a hurry. Can y'all see where I'm leading to here?

Well, Dad's 420 started to slip the tracks in a soft spot, while towing a large maple trunk. I had a large oak tied on, but I ran the 350 over to where he was and used my blade against his drawbar to shove him past the spot. Well, that worked out fine, until the 350 stopped dead. The tracks did a really nice job covering me with mud! I stopped the machine to unhook the tree, and Dad hooked his chain to my blade. Right about then, the 350 decided to sink down to the hood! This tended to pull the 420 right back into the same hole!

We were able to unhook the 420 and get it clear with the help of the other tractors. Hook them all to the 350 failed to remove it from the mud hole where it was sitting, still running at an idle (the intake and exhaust were in the clear). We finally popped it out by hooking my large skidding chain to a tree, fairly high up the trunk. By cutting down the tree, we found enough force to pull the 350 out of the hole. It took me two weeks to clean the mud out of all the areas it got into. The alternator, fan, etc. were all trashed from spending time running in the mud. I didn't dare try to walk back thru the quicksand hole to turn the machine off once it started sinking! "

" Okay I read some of these storys, and there all good, and I doubt I can compete, but here is my "true" tail, I was about 15 yrs. old and my father put me to work on our brand new Ford 4000 attached to a rotory tiller, Our farm was in the Fraser Valley area, which once was Lake Sumas, but was drained to make way for farming,any how the ground is always a bit moist and soft, I was rotor-tilling away, and drove to close to the creek, ( hey here a story for the stuck in the creek piece) and that got me stuck good and proper! My father came out with our little 8N, but it got stuck too! then over to the neibours to borrow his Case tractor, but it could only get the little N tractor out. Now my father, who was a Army tank mechanic stationed and CFB Chilliwack, which was only a short few miles from our farm, and the neibour with the Case tractor was his commanding officer, they decided what was needed was a Tank recovery unit, so off ta the base they went, arriving a short time later with this harge crane like towtruck rigging. they parked it on hard dry ground and swung the turret and extendable boom out over to the stuck tractor, and it lifted the whole machine with the tiller still hooked on, and placed in on hard ground like a gaint hand! Now that was impressive to see as a young kid of 15! "

" I was 47 (part of my problem) and just got my first tractor. I got home late from work and it was just getting dark. I hadn't done more than just start it up previous to this so I was all set to out to the woods and drive my tractor around. Of course I got it stuck in some goo and spent the next day winching it out by hand. Had it right up tothe rear axle. Sure was fun though. "

" I was on my A john deere plowing one time and the tractor and plow both got stuck real good so I unhitched the plow and tried driveing it out and it didnt work she was stuck so I put fence posts under the tires and put the clucth forward and the front end lifted of and she went right over I was lucky I wasnt killed I busted my leg up and had alot of bumps and bruises. "

" I was plowing with 4620 pulling 6x18 when I got to a place where we had dug FFA soil pits the previous fall. Furrow wheel sank like a rock before I could hit clutch. Took a 1566 and 2+2 to pull out. "

" Well, I certainly can't beat that, but...I had my JD 750 buried to the point that my pants were getting wet, and I was in the seat at the time! Only thing that saved me was that I had the backhoe on, and between power-down on the bucket and the backhoe, I was able to hoist things out of the muck enough to get some timbers under her and inch my way out. Drew quite a crowd, too. Should have charged admission. "

" Got my Ford 3550 backhoe stuck into the mud up to the axles. Everytime I tried to powerdown with the hoe or the bucket, the ground gave way underneath. I was finally able to put cinderblocks under the downriggers,(4 under each), and get 4x12x18 beams under the wheels to drive out. Since no one was around (thank god), I had to repeat the process several times to get out of the field. I should also mention that I first tried to pull out with the 8N, but that only got stuck too. Anyway I got out, but it was well past dark and I was covered in mud. Guess that willow tree stump will have to stay there after all. "

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