Best & Worst Farmall Purchase

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Best & Worst Farmall Purchase

A great discussion from the Farmall Discussion Forum.

The discussion started out with the following post:

" Well my best purchase was my 1945 "Indy H" that I bought in 1990 out by the farm for $500. In 1991 I did the paint job, new main tires, and then various parts, including 12 volt upgrade, up through this year for an additional $1,000 over 9 years is my guesstimate.

The worse purchase was the 51H for $500 this year. Most of you have seen my article on it (go to article archives, restoration, 1951 Farmall H) and I lost count when I had probably $2,500-$3,000 in it. Would I do this again? YOUBETCHA!! "

What followed are some interesting replies:

" Well the best purchase I have made so far is my I-4.Even though I have better tractors,alot better,I enjoy the I-4 the most.I guess its because its such an oddball.My worst purchase without a dought was a John Deere 420,not because its a Deere but it was literally a pile of junk.I spent more money on it than what it was worth.A real basket case.What I mean is that most of the engine WAS in a basket and the transmission was shot.Glad I only gave 20 bucks for it. "

" Well, I guess the worst would be the B I'm working on now. How could I have known that the teeth on the oiler gear were optional? Found 7 of them in the bottom of the trans case when I cleaned it out. Wonder where the other 32 went? Good thing I never used the PTO "

" Worst: 1957 350D with the continental engine. All worn out and parts were outrageous. Best: 1956 450D. What a great machine. "

" Well, I guess my Best would be my 1938 it dirt cheap, had great tires on it. Um, my Worst...Hmmmmmm....uuuummmmm, well I guess it would have to be my 1938 F14. Dropped darn near three grand on the engine alone. "

" Best was a SMTA from a guy that was mowing his grass with it, got it for a song. He wanted to get one of those dear rideing mowers. Never had a worse one, all good Farmall's. "

" The best hands down was the 1948 "C" which I bought last Dec......The reason it was so good is that I had a mishap in which I lost much of my HEARING and there is small hope of getting it back. The sound of that tractor was extra good and there fore I'll remember it as the best.. Take care guys and enjoy all because you never know when in seconds you may loose your chance to enjoy any of these tractors at all.. "

" Well this is my best purchase "tractor purchase" a 2424 IH for a dollar from a camp. They had just bought one of those "green" things and I offered to buy the 2424. The head man said it didn't run, so he charged me $1.00. It cost me $60.00 to get it home. Drained the carb and poured in a little gas. It's been running for 15 years. Oh yea, they gave me the snow blade and mower, catch was I had to take the garden tractor too. (City Folks) "

" It was the best of times and the worst of times when I purchased my 1946 "B" with loader last night. Now I have to replace axle seals, brakes, clutch and engine gaskets. All in due time. It runs and it is my first tractor "

" I beleive my worst was my 1961 Farmall 340D for $3.500 and had to put another $1,000 in it over a 3 years to restore it, and I not done yet. The best was the two 1946 Farmall A's I just bought for $1,200 and all they need is some TLC and paint, right!!! at least they run!!!! I love this hobby :-) "

" I got a 3'rd Farmall 350 gas for $600 with a rear blade, tool bar, and some IH blue big clamps on the bar. Runs well, but sheet metal pretty rusty from parked outdoors. Had to clean fuel line, bowl, gas tank. Took hood off to get dirt, grease, nests, crap out of nooks and crannies. Cleaned starter....gosh, now it sounds soooo goooood !!!! Any advice to get reasonable 12 by 38 inch rear wheel rims ?? A best purchase !! Worst one ? None yet. "

" I nearly had a worst tractor purchase, but it wasn't a Farmall. I looked at several tractors over about a month's time. I found a green model 70 at a price of $1,600 which was a lot lower than other things I had looked at. I stopped to inquire, and the owner started it and let me drive it to the back. As I backed up to turn it around, I realized I was about four feet from his wifes car. I forgot about the hand clutch in my panic and stomped on the two brake pedals, one on the left, and one on the right. I killed it, got off, thanked him and went on down the road. A week later I bought my "best" purchase, a Farmall Super "M" for $800 and drove it home. "

" My best? That's easy: DOA '53 Super M given to me by my father in law ("get it outta here it's yours..."). Some TLC and a couple hundred $ in parts and it's almost like new. Worst: '53 Super H - simply because it's my only other tractor. A delightful machine however - if I found another like it I'd buy it in a heartbeat. "

" I bought a 1940 Farmall B with homemade hydraulic system, 7' belley mount mower, 2 way plows, and belley mount cultivators for $100. spent $50. to get it home and will spend at least $400. to get it running to get into the garage so I can work on it so it will run right. It sat out in a goat yard for years after one rear axle bearing went out. Goats ate the fiber belt pulley and one rear tire. The rear rims are shot as well as both bull gear housings, brakes, and clutch. I guess this is my best and worst Farmall purchase. "

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