3 pt hitch categories

Charlie M

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I have a JD 318 with a 3pt hitch and have a 1 row cultivator for it. I've rarely used it as the mower has to come off and its not worth the effort to do several times in a season. I also have a IH 234 with a 3 point hitch which I think the cultivator would work fine but it takes a bigger hitch pin. Am I correct the JD hitch would be a category 0 and the 234 a category 1? Its simple to buy the larger pins if that is all it takes. Is there a measurement to determine the category of hitch on a small tractor?
Look on the left side of the YT home page under Research & Info for 3-Point Specs. https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/atrp/3points.htm

Only problem you can sometimes run into with using a bushing to change a category from say one to two is, sometimes the category one pins arent long enough to go through the category two hitch and put on a linchpin.


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