720D pony motor water pump


New User
I am attempting to remove the water pump from a 720D pony motor. I have the bolts out and the water pump cover and cooling pipe off but I can not get the pump off due to the pipe between the pump and the block. I have rotated the pipe so it is loose from the o-rings and pushed it up into the block as far as possible. I rotated the pump so I can see the end of the pipe but there is still too much interference to get the pump out. Any suggestions?
I have only been able to remove the water pump on a pony, with the pony off the tractor and setting on the work bench. Usually a lot of corrosion
around the short pipe between the pump and block. If I recall correctly, turn the pump counter clockwise, and pull away from the block, and there is not much room with the pony installed on the tractor.
Thanks for the reply. I have the pony off the tractor and got the pump removed. I found the trick to remove the water pump was to pull out on the bottom of the pump until the boss on the pump cleared the block so the pump could drop down. Doing that made it easy. Now I have to figure out how to disassemble the pump and get a seal and gaskets. The pony is getting water in the crankcase so hopefully a seal corrects the problem.

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