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I actually posted a message here a year ago regarding this, and had a couple of guys from Indiana interested. Between just being slow with getting pictures taken, losing my cell phone, and have a hard drive crash, I just never got back around to getting pictures sent to them.

I have an Allis 33 picker (or so I was told). I"m going to say it"s for parts, as I know nothing about it. It has been in a shed for 20-30 years. Parts of it had sunk into the dirt, but it really appears to be in decent shape. It appears to be missing the shroud sheet metal.

Its free for the only request is that it goes to someone that does not plan to just turn around and scrap it. I"d rather it go to someone that could either restore it or use it for parts to restore another.

This picker is located in SE Iowa (near Moulton, Iowa). I"d like to have it gone in the next month or so if possible. If you"re interested in it, let me know and I"ll get you some pictures sent (they"re ready to go this time). If you"re one of the guys from Indiana that contacted me last year, let me know that as well....I think I"ll remember you.


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