Allis truck engine

Saw this last night in the inter web. Never knew allis made
truck engines. Sounds like they were good engines but no
support for them.
No service is correct. Broken crankshafts on many of them. Too much HP for what the bottom end of the engine would take day after day. Nothing could keep up to them on the road in their day !!!
In construction equipment, they were rated at much less HP. In the truck, they were 350 HP or maybe even 400 HP, which was unheard of at that time.
Biggest problem was nobody understood how to run them.They would
shift down at too high rpm for that engine then they would
guzzle oil and were dogs.Pull it down to 1000 rpm and it would
flat come to life and pull like a scalded dog.Kenworth ended up
bringing most of them back in and put cats in them.
At the time John Deere was developing the V8-955 cu in engine, Allis offered to Deere for the hefty price of $1.00 the design of a V-8 (maybe it was even a V-12. not sure) engine of about the same displacement as Deere was developing. I think the deal even included the tooling. However, Allis had apparently sold a few and Deere would have also been buying the obligation to provide service parts for the AC engines already sold. The AC engine needed some more development and design changes. The deal never happened. I suppose the AC engine died, as for a matter of fact, did the JD V8-955 engine. Still. a number of the JD 8V-955 engines went into 4WD tractors, excavators and end loaders. Some went into boats too. Interesting that as with the AC engine, quite of bit of testing of the big V8 JD engine was on-road too. A couple of them made regular parts runs back & forth across Canada.

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