Another D14 story long..ish and a question about belt pulleys...


This may find some of you nodding your head....

Found a pretty decent D14, my the heck did that happen.. YIKES! Over the last 15 years or so, I added a couple "temporary" D14's to keep company with the original 1960 loader tractor. You know the deal.... Pretty close to home (a couple hours, maybe three.), decent price, could use it for parts if needed. Perhaps a narrow front was needed for the snap coupler mower. Then an interesting one owner factory ordered 58 with no PTO, no snap coupler, no Hi/Lo, with power steering and a nice Superior loader dealer installed finds a new home with me because it has the same Superior (Chicago Mfg.) loader as my 1960. That's what I told the wife.

Now, the recent acquisition, a 1959 farm chore loader snap coupler tractor was "needed" for lots of good parts, as these tractors all have power steering, and the 1960 loader tractor is leaking at the ram, lines and valve a bit. I am slowly taking the 59 apart to get to the power steering setup and squirrel away the decent wheels. Hopefully some of the other good stuff will make its way to new barns as well. It runs very strong and smooth so I have to have an extra motor, right? Real bad 3rd gear issue as it wont even engage as compared to the usual jumping out under load. Made it affordable I told the wife. I am helping the hobby and saving on expensive repairs down the road I say... meanwhile the new pickup truck sits outside the garage while a couple of 60 year old tractors get all the love. She may have a point I say..... nah, it's got power steering.

So my questions..... about this 59 and the optional PTO belt pulley drive it is equipped with. First D-14 I have seen with this option. Seen lots of older tractors and my 39 B had one of course but by 1959, not very common in my area as the rear PTO was in use mostly. The drive unit is on the tractor as shown but no pulley. Did this drive unit have the capability to take both a flat belt pulley and/or a V belt narrow pulley? What is the purpose of the top hole (the open one) on the unit for? I am going to remove the complete unit... jack up the side to keep the hydro fluid mostly in, and replace with a nice delete plate I "found". Do fellas still use the pulley's or just show them? What chores or handy type operations keep them in use?


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