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Is it me or is Case pushing farmers and ranchers away. I am really beginning to wonder about the new Case powers to be. About five years ago Case pulled the Case parts and service contract from the dealership where I work. We were a dual dealer selling Case and New Holland equipment. Their reason was because we weren't stocking red tractors. New Holland was offering better terms on equipment vs Case. Company had sold Farmall and IH equipment for 95 years.There was another dual dealer 25 miles from where we are. They were one of the original Case dealers before Case and IH got married, by being Case construction. They told Case that they would be more than willing to stock Case tractors and equipment.

Well over the last five years they have yet to stock new Case tractors. They mainly sell Bobcat and Kubota equipment, some New Holland tractors. Even the CNH rep stated that they had great parts sells but no Case tractor, coarse they got the 150,000.00 in parts sales we lost. We continued getting Case IH parts from another dealer 100 miles away and we stayed competitive with pricing.

Got a call from the other dealer stating that Case pulled their parts and service contract. They also were a long time Farmall IH dealer for many many years. Same story as us. Not stocking enough Red tractors. This dealer went New Holland and McCormick, better buying terms.

The dealership I work for is located in western SD. Case has made it tough for people in eastern Wyoming eastern Montana, and western South Dakota to get IH parts. I say IH because here is two dealers with close to 200 years selling red equipment. Most JI Case dealers in western SD have closed up many years ago. Seems like Case only wants one dealer in western SD and same in eastern Wyoming and Montana. Been awhile but I think now there are only two Case dealers left in western SD. Maybe three.

Seems like Case is pushing farmers and ranchers to go blue or green or some other brand. Makes me wonder after seeing the post below about Agco. Makes me want to dump my Case tractors and go green. Have to admit the last three tractors I bought last couple months weren't Case. Parts are a lot more available for the old red IH vs the old JI Case tractors. Just venting a bit.
Most of my tillage equipment was "green" because I could drive 5 miles and get just about any part I needed. My tractors are Flambeau Red and Prairie Gold. We are loosing our green dealer because they are not big enough and "mother deere" as the counter man called it only wants one large dealer network owned by one group for an area. So now since I have to drive 10 miles or so past the red dealer I'm thinking of ditching all my green junk and going red. I think all this garbage about not being willing to help us smaller guys is a load of BS, just because I'm not farming 2000 acres and have $500,000 laying around to buy combines and tractors doesn't mean I don't still need parts. That useless guberment isn't doing anything to help the problem either, should throw most of those aholes in prison in china where they belong.
Hi Tom hows things out there, might work on the 39 this winter. the wops should have stayed with making pizza and sphagetti as they haven't done anything good for case , if they have a dealer they sell something, if they don't they sell nothing. The only thig they have done is jacked parts prices. Case isn't quite s bad for china junk than jd is. NH likes china brgs. which are all junk.
I went to a sales meeting for small business owners a couple of years ago and the point of the meeting was as a business I am better to have 10 customers spending $100K each than to have 100 customers spending $10K each. Same amount of money and less hassles. Unfortunately this is the thinking as of late. Bigger is better is all you hear.
Just why do these companies want fewer dealers? GM was doing the same thing and many 50+ year dealers around here were planned to be discontinued. Doesn't more dealers add up to more market share? Wasn't it not that many yers ago, more dealers was the plan?
Timmer Implement in Pease, MN, an old Case dealer, was dropped by CaseIH and had to pick up NH. Don't think being a dealer is any picnic anymore. If you don't have multiple locations you are considered useless baggage. And parts that you can still get are getting outrageous in price. Good thing there's no inflation. LOL
"Is it me or is Case pushing farmers and ranchers away"

WHAT does CASE, a defunct company, have to do with the decisions made by FIAT (dba New Holland)???????
Maybe if AGCO bought CASE from that Fiat disaster they would treat them like they do Oliver and Moline, you can get a lot of new parts for those.
Case,IH,New Holland are all one company.CNH.Either way it is a tough situation to be in as a business.CNH has been going through some growing pains.Some days are better than others. And some days you wonder why you went to work. The good old days are gone and now everyone is out to make a good profit or close their doors.
I don't like it either. Farmed all of my life and have worked for a CNH dealer the last ten years.
I do miss the good old days when all the dealers were friends and we made a fair living by just working hard and living right.
Same thing going on here. Just glad I got out of the business when I did. My friends at the local CNH dealership are going through this also. I don't know where they stand at the moment, Havent been down there lately to get an update.
Thanks for all the pots. I went Christmas shopping today and it amazed me of all the John Deere toys. Even seen a ad for JD toys for your pet. I even see lots of IH toys but very little pre 1960 Case toys, few 70 series toys. Would think Case would wake up so we could corrupt our young ones with Case. Maybe I will have to go see the other dealer to see if he has Case toys.

Back to Case and New Holland. Today the Case and New Holland tractor and equipment are the same, just different model numbers and some cases different part numbers. Used to be on filter were one digit off, NH 87041910 and Case would use 87041911. Dual dealers would have to carry two numbers for same filter. They have started to wise up and are changing number to where one number will work. Think they will just have CNH on them. Thanks again for the post.
Good to know your still kicking. Thought you would of had that thing running by now. Haven't been doing much wrench twisting. Need to get in the mood. Have my W-6 in the shop. It's been in there over a year for a clutch. No ambition to work on them anymore.

Got a 460 Ford motor that I thought it look good in an old LA or 500. Also got an old WD-9 that would work. Lots of ideas, just lack ambition.

Bought a LA propane, Case 600B, 1958 Case 900b and a SP-12 combine, 900 turned out to be a real lemon. Also bought a SWD_6, IH 650, and ended up by a Farmall 560 gas, with fresh engine overhaul.
Now I just need to win the lottery. Later
PS, Got a new Mac, not sure I like the new keyboard. Might hae to sell a couple tractors to pay for it.

I suggest everybody on this board buy CASE toys for their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends and relatives. Mills Fleet Farm has only 1/64 1570 on Case dealer flatbed truck. Very nice combo though, and only $11.

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