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Hello. I have found an allis d-12. I have looked all over for a serial number and cant seem to find it. I did find a number stamped on the back of the engine block where it bolts up to the torque tube housing. The number reads 12-3138-R, then right across from it on the torque tube there is another number F25597. Is either one of these the serial number? If they are not, please tell me exactly where on the tractor to find it. I also have a few other questions. Did all of the d-12"s have the grill with the screen and 3 bars going across in 1959? Did any of the 1959 d-12"s have the power adjust wheels. I know in later years they did. Also, will a d-10 grill switch and bolt right up to a d-12. I think that is all i need to find out for right now. If any one can help me, I sure would appreciate it awhole lot. Thanks a bunch, Jason
Jason, the serial number is located on the bellhousing where the engine bolts to the torque tube. It will be in the form D12 xxxxx and is on the left side of the tractor (sitting on the tractor). The three bar grille was used from the beginning of production, 1959, until around 1961 (pre SN 3001). The D10 and D12 used the same grille. Power adjust wheels were standard on the D12 (optional on the D10). Best of luck and keep us posted.

You are looking in the right spot, but that F-25XXX is not a valid serial #. The highest serial # is under 10,000, make sure you are reading it right. You are right, d/10 screen will interchange, and spin-out rims were often times relocated from junkers to earlier tractors, but I think they were available as an option, more so on the 12 than the 10. Get C.H Wendell's book or Norm Swinford's both are excellent references.
Thanks a bunch for your help. I have one last question for right now. Where can I buy those 2 books, and is that the name of the books or just the authors name that wrote them? I would love to buy both of those books, dont know where to get them at. Thanks, Jason
Thanks for the info. That is a big help to me. The first number i found was 12-3138-R, is it the serial number? That was on the back of the engine where it bolts up to the bell housing. Then on the bell housing i found this number, F25597. Im sure that aint the serial number. Both numbers was right across from each other on the left side. Besides the serial number, and the grill, is there any other way a person could tell it isnt a 1959. Thanks again, Jason
C.H. Wendell's is The Allis Chalmers story. I think Norm Swinford's is Allis Chalmers Farm Equipment. Both may now be out of print, but you could try Amazon, or google used books.
I thought I read somewhere that the "R" at the end of the serial # stood for regular gasoline (as opposed to diesel or lp).

Look at that number again...there may be a "D" before the 12xxx. That would make sense, and according to external_link yours would be a '61. The "D" on my D15 was extremely faint. I found it at night with a flashlight pointing across the numbers, then I could read it.
Jason, the first number is the engine serial number (12-xxxx). Are you sure the number on the bell housing is not D12 5597? That would make it an early Series II (1963). The bar-grille was gone by that point, but grilles can be switched. If in doubt, take a small wire brush and clean up the SN area. The Series II had aluminum nameplates, white wheels/grille, live hydraulics (started late Series I), among other differences. A picture might help too.

By the way, the books that Dave mentioned are excellent A-C references, especially Norm Swinford's book which is still available directly from the author. Drop me an e-mail and I'll dig up the info if interested.
The number on the bell housing may be d12 5597. It was kinda hard to read and i didnt know if the owner wanted me to scratch off his paint there or not. I'm going back here in a couple more days to look at it again. Im in the antique tractor pulling and they have to be 1959 and older. So if this d-12 is a 61 or 63 model, what all what i have to change to make it look just like a 1959 to where nobody could ever tell the difference. Later, Jason
Different pulls have different year limmits, yours at 59 is newest I have heard, some 58 and the one that I am working on labor day weekend is 1955 so just be prepared for you go to a different pull and you are told that it is too new. And if they suspected something was not quite right they would check serial number.

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