D-19 Diesel


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where do I find the info on this tractor...engine replace or rebuild??
computer crashed so have lost all my search addies...(boo-hoo)
The Tractor serial number is located behind the seat on top of the rear main housing. The engine number is located on a flat spot on the block, kind of aabove the fuel filters. Engine rebuild parts are avaliable from AGCO, although pricey. Aftermarket does not recognize the D19 Diesel, so buy them from AGCO. Aftermarket pistons from a D17D are flat top and will not work in the D19 if it has the later high rise cam. Engines with this cam had valve recess on top of the piston
Is the engine a 262 cid? Can an engine from a AC190 be used as replacement?or is there too much changing to do?Just trying to decide what options we would have....All help appreciated....
Yes, D19D is a 262CID turbo Diesel, D17D is same engine except no turbo. I have heard of people putting a 190 engine in a d19, but alot has to be done. The more common change is to put a 262 gas in out of another d19 or a combine. The D19 gas goes right in, as the gas and diesel have the same block. What is the matter with your engnie
They overheated it and it seized....Am picking it apart to see what damage done....will know more tomorrow....and so the saga continues...lol
Most of the parts are going to be avaliable from AGCO. I hate to see these early Allis Diesels die out, so I would rebuild the 262 if it was me, but its up to you. If you need any help, emial me and I will help where I can
Thanks Don....Thats probably what'll happen....we have too many irons in the fire right now so was hoping to get a drop in for now and rebuild later....nothing like wishing on horses....lols

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