D14 Roll Shift adjustments??


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Was working on the front end of the D14. I knocked the tie rods loose from the steering box. I went to put it back together, but Now it is out of wack!!!,, When one is pointing straight forward, the other is pointed in. Tie rods have not been shortened or lenghtened at all, but front end is really out of adjustment now.. How do I get it back to where both front wheels point straight at the same time??? Thanks Much!!!
Mattew, I'm a bit concerned by your statement "I knocked the tie rods loose from the steering box". You don't say why you did this. The title is "roll shift adjustments" yet you say nothing about the roll shift. So, I'm left to guess the problem and I may guess wrong and be no help at all.

Perhaps your roll shift was unbalanced (one side wider than the other) and you were planing to make them the same. This seems most likely since removing a tie rod end and replacing it would not affect the positioning of the wheels. To square it up, start with the position of the steering wheel. Turn it all the way one direction. Check the plate that the tie rods mount to. Then count the turns to turn it all the way back to the other direction. Again check the plate. Divide this number in half and turn it back to center this number of turns. Now, check the position of the plate again. It should be centered. If it isn't, it may have been installed incorrectly. If the position of the plate far right and far left were different (beyond mirror image), the plate is installed wrong. If it is close, it shouldn't cause a huge problem. Now, adjust the lengths of the tie rods so both tires face straight ahead. The shaft on the outside end of the tie rods is about 18" long and can be moved in or out to get the wheels right.
Denny,, I had the front end off to pull the Engine. When pulling the front, the box got seperated from the axle. So I seperated the tie rod ends with a fork. I was putting the front end back on so it could support itself again..
PS I changed my Name,, Could not remember PSW, I think the psw is bad for people like me that has CRS!!!

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