Ford 861 Diesel Crankshaft Options - Old Style No Balanc


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I am currently in the throws of a full rebuild on a ford 861 diesel. I think but do not know that the PO ran it out of oil and it spun rod bearings 2&3 and the middle main bearing.

I got the crank ground to 0.020" under and it is still not cleaned up. I do not think I will run it like it is (pics attached).

This is the old style engine with no balancer.

1. Should I get the crank welded and ground on the rod journal that is shown? From what I understand these engines are prone to crank failure and many do not recommend grinding at all.

2. What are options for replacement cranks? There are a few good used ones out there but they may need grinding. Then I seem to be right back where I started. Is the on one the store here a good crank?

3. Can I put a crank with the balancer teeth in the pre-balancer engine? Do I need to add a balancer to this engine to help the crank life?

I would appreciate any advice! I do not want to put this together only to have to take it apart again!

video if anyone cares -
These engines are known to break crankshafts, balancer or otherwise.

I would not use your existing crank but find a good used identical replacement.
Can anyone shed any light on these cranks? Sometimes it seems the old original metal is better. I want to make sure that the new cranks are made to the same spec, forged, etc.

Also, can you add the counterbalance to these engines and is it recommended?
Don't know anything about the aftermarket crankshafts but I avoid aftermarket parts like the plague (too many bad experiences in the past) and would not even consider an aftermarket crankshaft, even for a gasoline engine.

Find a serviceable used OEM crankshaft.

Do not have your's ground.

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