front axle pin questions


I'm reworking the steering and front end on my '57 860 trying to tighten it up. Most of the parts that I am replacing look original, no loader ever on this tractor as far as I know. It does have cast front wheel weights.

About the only wear part that is salvageable so far are the wheel bearings.

Current issue is the axle -- I took the axle pin out (the threaded sort with the locking collar that bolts on front) and the pin was noticeably worn. The bushing was worn through a little bit at one corner but the bore in the axle is only 1/32" out in the vertical axis and only in a small area at one end. The bore still looks circular and concentric to the eye. I pressed in the new bushing, with new pin in place there is a huge improvement but the front of the pin can still wobble pack and forth maybe 1/8". Crappy tolerances with aftermarket parts?

Is this normal? I'm sure a machine shop could tighten it up by reboring the axle and machining a tighter bushing but I have never worked on any of these and don't know what is normal tolerance.
I just replaced the bushing and pin on my 2000 4 cylinder which uses the same pin and bushing. Ordered both from this site and very disappointed with the
fit. Im also not sure but I thought the fit should be better than it is. Maybe someone with more experience with them will chime in.

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