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And get paid for it! At work we rent this tractor with a side arm mower for a week in the late fall to mow steep embankments and trim trees back that grow over some of our less traveled roads.


Very nice!! Is there any type of counter weight on the other side for balance? It seems like you might get into trouble on a steep bank
(quoted from post at 22:17:00 12/11/23) Very nice!! Is there any type of counter weight on the other side for balance? It seems like you might get into trouble on a steep bank

Looks like there is a weight box and/or reservoir on the left side between the axles.
Yes, there is a huge solid steel piece (about a foot thick) where the cab step would be, and is part of the mower frame. Along with a very heavy wheel weight, plus the tire is filled with beet juice. If you have the mower extended very far on a slight grade, you can feel the tractor lean. The mower will extend about 16' from the tractor.
I've seen where our county used one to obliterate small saplings and plum thickets that were growing in the right of way. It obviously had not ever been done for years as the saplings were a couple inches or better. Saw where the railroad had a similar set-up on a railcar to clear their right of way. gobble
Wish I had something like that. Most cities I work in require the land owner to cut the weeds on the their property right up to the street. I end up doing a lot of hand work. Stan
I never understood why they didn't start using them years ago to maintain shoulders. When we traveled to Alaska in 1974 we saw them mounted on graders with long arms.
Hay farmer down the road bought one off our town. He says it makes his life much easier mowing the ditches and around the ponds.

I imagine if there were many ditches to mow from the beginning to the bottom, a mid mount mower would be the ticket. We have a Hardee longarm 3pt mount. It does a real good job but is tough on a back and neck from turning around to see it for operation.
The county to the south of me has one, must be the only one or its broke a lot, they mow/ trim couple hundred yards then disappears for weeks. Different precincts have had ones in past because I worked at dealership that installed them.Used to use inmates to trim brush but guess that cost too much, they chipped and blew over fence instead sticks all over road now.

The county has one of those that they use frequently along the roads in the hills where I live. I just wonder how many times they have screwed up the blades by lowering that thing down on some weeds that are hiding a rock. It's a pretty neat thing to do the job as long as one knows the area they are mowing.
(quoted from post at 19:49:17 12/12/23) That's what I call a Kubota, I'm just not
impressed with them. And yes, I have
operated many different sizes of them from
a 20hp compact to an M171.

A friend of mine got hold of a small Kubota and he brought it over to my place for me to check it out since he knew nothing about tractors. It was ok but I was not overly impressed with it. Compared to my 8N and MF202, it was too much like a toy.

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