JD 5203 Start Problem


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Live in WV, own a JD 5203 tractor. Starter went bad, so replaced it. Crossed the wires on the starter so when connected the battery heard an audible pop like a fuse blown. (edit: switched the wires on the starter, starter works with a screwdriver) Checked all fuses under the steering column, they are good. Replaced the inline 100 amp fuse, replaced starter solenoid switch. there is 12.5 v at starter.

Lights do not come on, nor does anything happen when turning key switch. Not sure where to go from here, appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
Hi Tx Jim, thank you for the response. I have already replaced that inline fuse link. Perhaps would be prudent to go back to beginning, right)?? Tried to start my JD after this winter, turn key, nota, figured it was battery for sitting to long> Took battery to local Nappa, they did an overnight charge, next day said it was good to go. Replaced the battery, turned key, nota. Figured the starter might be problem, did a quick screwdriver across solenoid to hot terminal, nothing, figured it was solenoid. Removed starter took it to local tractor repair shop they verified my old starter was kapoot, so bought new starter installed it turned key, nota. Thought perhaps i had the two red wires on the solenoid reversed, so switched them over and it was obviously not correct as large sparks came from the terminals when i attempted to connect so i switched wires back. replaced the inline fusible link, and replaced the starter solenoid switch under the dash panel, still nota. I cant figure out why there is zero power to the ignition switch, or any of the accys i.e. lights. Anyways that's where I'm at atm. For some reason my conscience tells me my issue is at the fusible link area, as i would assume the accys power branches from that link, yea? anyways thanks again. will get it eventually>>>

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