Lift cylinder for Woods L306 Belly Mower


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My son owns a 1948 Allis Chalmers C tractor and has a Woods L306 mower deck with the hardware mount for a hydraulic cylinder to lift it. Does anyone have a cylinder available or any info or specs. on it.

This ad on craigslist (I have no connection to it) has pictures of a C/Woods L306 with the hydraulic lift on it. It appears to use what AC calls the front cylinder, you didn't say which you wanted. As you have been told there are no new ones available from AC, so salvage yards or finding someone with one they want to part with are your options on an original cylinder.

If you have it mounted, except for the cylinder, I expect you can estimate the length you need from those pictures, based on the position of the triangle pivot plate and the amount of cylinder rod exposed, and buy an aftermarket cylinder if you can't find the AC one. AC used higher pressure and low volume at the time than most other manufacturers, so the cylinder diameter can be small (1-1/2 to 2" bore at the most I would say). Those were single acting cylinders so you will need a breather vent in the rod end of a double acting cylinder, if that is what you end up getting.
Thanks for the info. I also have some pictures of the cylinder and how it mounts. I may have to get in touch of cylinder manufacturers and get a single action cylinder. According to someone the holes are 13" c to c on the mount holes.
Ours uses the cylinder that was standard
equipment for the rockshaft at the rear
of the tractor. Should be very easy to
find one.

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