New to me Ford 907 flail mower - NEEDS WORK!


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Kalkaska, MI
Howdy folks, I perused the threads before posting this but wanted to ask for some help specific to my situation.
I just picked up this 6ft flail mower and it needs the pulley system rebuilt.
From what I can gather it's a 6ft 907 model with the round gearbox, I've included a pic of the data plate as well as every other angle that seems to be asked for on here.
I looked at the Murray website and they wanted over 200 bucks for one pulley and I only paid 300 for this thing so I'd rather not double my investment in parts.
Any advice on where to find parts, and exactly what parts I will need, would be greatly appreciated.
I already have the shop manual and the parts manual for it on order but some close up pics of a fully built pulley system would really help!

I should add that I came with the two triangle shroud pieces, not pictured.

Thanks y'all!


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Have you tried any scrap yards for parts? Might be better to find a parts mower to strip for what you need. With the mower being about 50 years old might not be a lot of aftermarket parts producers still making things. What else is it going to need and what are those parts going to cost? Good luck
I had several of them back in the day. The County ran them for roadside mowing. They were a good and popular mower. Parts were available for years, then bought off "make your own" PTO and pulley displays. Later had to weld hubs into pulleys. Sometimes had to weld pieces together. I still see parts and pieces at sales....James
Assuming you are trying to join these two shafts in this picture. For future reference please be more specific. Very few people are going to be intimately familiar with the piece of equipment to which you are referring but can still help.

Sometimes there is just no free lunch. The machine was for sale because the parts to repair it cost more than the machine is worth. It would have paid dividends to check how much parts were going to cost first...

However in this case you might be able to use generic pulleys. What you need to know:

1. Diameters and spline counts of each shaft.
2. Diameters of the original pulleys.
3. Number of sheaves each original pulley had (probably just one or two).

You can get pulleys with interchangeable split taper wedge hubs. There are also pulleys with interchangeable weld-on hubs.


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