Rear Wheel locks up


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We have a 1978 190XT. If you were sitting in the seat the left rear wheel locked up. When the tractor moves the right wheel moves fine but the left just drags. Im looking for a couple of possible things that may cause this. Also does anyone know of a place to see a picture of the internal parts without taking it apart.
I never had that model of tractor but souds like the left brake is sticking or some bad bearings ave ou tried putting it in reverse?
Have taken the brake off and put it in reverse and still have the same problem. Havent taken it a part yet so havent looked at the bearings.
I think you mean 1968 190XT,(they stopped making them in 1972) that would be before they put in heavier drive trains and you have a broken differential.
I'd lean toward a frozen bearing. If the brakes aren't locked and one wheel turns, the differential is probably OK - not definitely but probably. Pull the axle and you'll know.
The 190s had some updates on the final drives- since they failed! Way too light for the hp. That's why they had three series of them. Originals were the same as the D19, with about 30 fewer hp. You might have some issues with pieces of the final drive gears locking up the rest of the pieces in the final drives. You really need the service manual for the tractor for when you take it apart.

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