Solved! Stuck up 3 point on 8N


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The 3 point hitch on the 8N I bought on the 28th of September was stuck in the up position. I was using my H Farmall today and got to thinking that since the H has 2 way hydraulics on it the Stanhoist loader has down pressure. So, thought it was worth a try. Pressed down on the 3 point and it went down immediately.

I backed the H up,shut it off, and started the 8N. Raised the 3 point, stuck up again.

I started the H, moved it into position, lowered the loader, 3 point went down again.

Shut the H off and just left it with the John Deere snow bucket on top of the Ford's 3 point hitch.

I raised and lowered the 3 point several times with the loader on top of the 3 point. By the time the 2 tractors worked themselves apart, the hitch went up and down flawlessly.

I assume that some little speck of rust or debris accumulated in the wrong spot and caused the problem.
Solved, stuck up 3 point problem.
May not have been hydraulic issue. Could have been corrosion where the lift arm shafts exit the case.

But thanks for the update.

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