stripped starter post


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HiThe copper starter post where the copper strap from the selenoid to the starter windings is stripped. Can just the post be replaced or do the windings and post both have to be changed? It is on a 190 deisel engine Thanks Richard
It can be replaced but a starter shop would have to do it. It takes a very very big soldering iron to remove and put back on. I've had good luck using a die and going one size smaller on them
Hobby farm
The post is connected in the inside of the starter to large copper conductors. Someone skilled in working on starters could replace the post. Another option may be to cut new threads on the existing post. Get the next size smaller die. With a hacksaw, make a screw driver cut in the end of the stud so you can hold it in position while threading. You may need to clean up the old threads a bit so the diameter is uniform. Start the die down the stud and insert a screwdriver in the stud end as soon as you can. You will no be able to get threads cut to the whole length of the stud with a std die. They do make dies that are not gradual cut which you could try might give a couple more usable threads. However, those dies take an enormous amount of force to cut and may twist off the stud - be careful. They are best used for chasing threads rather than cutting them. You may be able to get enough threads to use it again.

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