UB coolant issue


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Southern MN
I was using my UB with the loader on it this morning, and suddenly I realized there was anti-freeze all over the place--dripping off the distributor, the air cleaner, alternator, all over! Obviously the fan was throwing it all over the place.
Not sure if I've got a radiator issue, water pump, or what. There were only a few drops coming out of the weep hole on the water pump, and at one point it sounded like a squealing noise coming from there. But how would the fan get hold of just that little bit of coolant?
I pulled the loader off, and ran it in the shop, and also pulled the hood and grille off. I ran the tractor in the shop a little, but nothing was blatantly obvious.
I'm suspecting radiator problems, since the whole bottom was wet where it bolts to the tractor. I'll probably pull it off first and have it checked, but just wanted to run it by the brain trust here and get your thoughts.
Just a thought. Is the overflow tube in good shape and discharging below the radiator? I had one that was broken and discharged in front of the fan.

Didn't think to check the overflow. I'll take a look at that later. If it is that, it must be a recent development, as there's never been a problem before.
A follow up. I checked the overflow tube. It was not broken, but the end was about an inch above the bottom of the radiator, such that if anything did come out, it would land on that flat area and accumulate there.
But since this has never been an issue before (I've owned the tractor for 20 years) I decided to add a piece of hose to the tube, extending it down below this area, then took the tractor and drove it around for a while. When I checked it, there WERE a few drops coming out the overflow, however, there were also a few drops of coolant on the ends of a few of the fins of the radiator itself, so a couple of tiny leaks there also.
Since the leaks are very tiny, and also since it's nearly impossible to find anyone that repairs these anymore, I'm going to try adding some Bars-Leak and hope for the best.
I have not done this yet. I need to replace the temp gauge as long as long as I have the hood off, and that is still on order. Hopefully by the weekend or early next week I'll have it back together.
Sorry this got so long.

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