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Recently I posted some questions about a Clark forklift engine, and Marvel Schebler carburetor threads. I'm happy to say that it all came together yesterday, and the Continental F124 out of the forklift cleaned up really well, the MS carb went together as it was supposed to, and after installing a temporary gas tank (funnel on a steel line), the engine started and ran like a Swiss watch. I want to thank whoever (Hobo, maybe) detailed how to get the distributor right on the first try. I just wired the coil, lined up the timing mark on the flywheel, and rotated the distributor until Number 1 plug sparked. What a simple procedure.

I didn't run it for long with no water or radiator, but long enough to turn the shop blue with MMO smoke. I had used Marvel to clean the debris out of the cylinders, repeating the oil and towel, oil and towel until the towel came out of the cylinders clean. The PO had pulled the plugs with a whole lot of debris around them, which went inside. I was changing the head anyway, so when I pulled the head, I cleaned, and cleaned some more. The tractor head I put on has obviously larger combustion chambers than the forklift, so I'm not too surprised my compression numbers are all 80 PSI (#1 was 82). They ran from 96 to 120 in the scrapyard, when I ran the initial test to see if it was a good engine. Someday I'll ask some questions about this high-compression head I took off the forklift engine. It was configured wrong for this tractor, and I had a head off an F162. But it seems to be in good shape, and maybe going on my other 101 to see what it will do on a working tractor.

Oil pressure was 37 psi. That might go down a bit when I finish it up and run it for a while. Now I'm into cleaning rust off parts for more paint, and I might have what my wife called "a cute little tractor" when I brought this '44 Massey 101 Jr. Standard home last December. Thank you all for your help and support, and especially Jim, who gave me really good info on kingpin replacement when I was rebuilding the wide front, and MHN is sending me some more MS carb parts I am missing. Thank you all. Steve

PS: pictures to follow (when I get a phone that is able to move photos around)
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