wd 45 hyd lever

ok i searched back post and did not find anything so here we go on my wd 45 the hyd lever likes to creep up while im running kinda of a pain i put vise grip on it to keep it in place but i cant find any where to tighten it up all the links are tight not all walled up nothing binding just likes to climb back to top any ideas
There are adjustments for the linkage. You need to get an owners manual. Also there is a spring on the quadrant. Do you have the wear block on the lever?
i have the owners manual and it does not have anything on lever creeeping up all adjustments were done per book wear blockmake contact with slide frame no binding that i can tell i just thought maybe some one else had seen this this
I had the same problem with both levers so I replaced the blocks and the compression coil springs which took care of it.

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