WD-45 transmission rear end gear tooth counts


Does anybody know the gear tooth counts for the WD-45 curved shifter transmission? How about the ring and pinion tooth count and bull gear and bull pinion counts? I see the online AGCO parts book lists the gear counts for the WD to SN 127007. The newer transmission for the late WD and WD-45 is shown with part numbers and descriptions, but with no tooth counts. Same thing with the ring and pinion and bull gears. Why I am I interested in this information? I'm calculating the gear ratios for several different brands of tractors as a comparison and would like to include the WD-45. If anyone has this info, I'd love to get it.


I dont know the tooth count but i will tell you that allis chalmers designed tractors to plow at 2.5 mile an hour in first gear so with that said a wd ran lower rpms than a 45 so a wd would have a faster rear end than a 45 gas and a diesel is slower than a 45 gas and a rc gear is slower than a wc . actually the rc gear is the slowest for the engine was rated at 2000 rpms.
On the WD and WD45:::
Final drive pinion: 15 tooth, final drive "bull gear": 82 tooth.

Differential ring gear on both tractors, (although different part numbers) are both 43 tooth.
WD45 Differential pinion tooth count??
Early WD differential pinion tooth count: 12.

Wish I could offer a little better help that this, but I believe the the extra set of worn out WD45 gears that I hung onto for 28 years went in my last scrap iron clean-up..

I will double check and see if those gears got thrown. I"ll get back; with a tooth count if I find them...
I have a reproduction parts book that lists the tooth counts for all the early WD transmission gears,<<but no tooth count for the WD45 gears>> but it is my understanding that you have the complete information on the early transmission, If not, just yell...
Best of luck on your project, BDT
Where do you get that information? WD and WD45 are running the same engine rpm 1400 and the RC is rated at 1500 rpm. Do I misunderstand you? Maybe.
Thanks for the info. The online parts books do not list transmission tooth count numbers for WC tractors but I'm assuming they are the same as early WD? Didn't they use the same transmission?

I have this for the WC and early WD transmission:

Constant mesh: 20 : 37
1st gear: 19 : 38
2nd gear: 24 : 33
3rd gear: 28 : 29
4th gear: 1 : 1, direct drive through transmission

WC ring and pinion: 7 : 32
WC bull pinion and bull gear: 17 : 80
WD ring and pinion: 12 : 43
WD bull pinion and bull gear: 15 : 82

I think the bull pinion and bull gear (15 : 82) is the same for the WD and WD-45. The WD-45 has the same advertised gear speeds, except for 4th gear (9-3/4 mph vs. 11-3/4 mph), which leads me to believe the transmission and ring and pinion are different than the WD. Let me know if you can find those WD-45 gears. I am very curious to see what the difference is.



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