What do you call this kind of plow blade?


Hi all,

some of you might have seen this before from when I started the old farm cleanup project up here in NE PA. This is a plow blade that I'd like to see not go to scrap. I thought I might list it here and in Lanscaster Farming but I don't know what to call it. Way back before my time our farm had a JD 40 and possibly a B that I believe this would have gone on but I don't know what all parts should be there or what to call it when I list it.

thanks in advance!

Looks like it would fit the 40. Post some measurements so maybe someone can see if it would even fit on a 40, or if it is too big and may fit the B.
looks similar to mine. mine is a mccormick leveling/grader blade for the mccormick #30 and 31 loader that fits on a farmall h or m. hope that helps.
Hard to say without dimensions. Design leads one to think that this went on a tricycle front end tractor, and it looks like cables were used for the lift. These probably ran to the back of the tractor and ran off the lift. (Rock Shaft if B, I"m not sure what the 40 had). Don"t have a B or a 40 so I can"t help much here.

I may be way off base here, but given the overall height of the blade and the length & narrowing of the push frame, I'm going to guess that it is an under belly grader blade, and the push frame might bolt to the drawbar mount some way.
Ok I finally got some measurements. The blade is 84.5" wide by 15" high (roughly, an inch might be down in the soft dirt).

Length from behind the plow to the back of the frame = 88"
24" wide at the narrow part at the back
48" wide at the wide part at the front

Does that help? I think I might post it in the classifieds for 50 or 100. Definitely can't scrap it.

Just wanted to bump this up in case someone knows from the dimensions what it might go on before I post it for sale.


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