White 2-70 Carb icing up

An update. I actually got to use my tractor for an entire job of moving round bales and pulling up a couple of wagons for firewood. I added a piece of tin and learned to "LET IT WARM UP"!! I added the tin and was so excited I fired her up and headed to the back to get the wagons. It froze up, I was disheartened. A couple of minutes and I ran it to the lean to. Then while splitting wood I got to thinking about it so went and started it and let it run for about 10 minutes and then headed back to the wagons, got them pulled up, grabbed a bale and fed a pen of steers and then grabbed two more bales and placed them near. Very excited and happy to have it running in cold weather. Moving feed Wed, will try to get pictures and update on that job. Thank you one and all for the help and information.
One thing I remember was that they mad some gaskets for between the carburetor and the intake manifold out of 1/8 inch aluminum to keep them from freezing
Interesting. I was just talking/posting about how an old timer once told me the M/S carbs were more prone to icing than the Zeniths. I compared the gas 1655's and Allis 180's: Both 265 cube engines, both about 65 HP tractors. Only difference that I could see from a carb icing standpoint was the MS carbs on the Ollies vs. the Zenith on the 180 (and 190 with the same engine). I've read lots about 1655 icing problems, but never had nor heard of problems with a gas 180/190.

I hypothesized that the zinc bowl of the Zeniths might be part of the reason, because Zinc is a much better heat conductor, and might have absorbed heat from the engine/manifold/surroundings better. Maybe that tallies with the aluminum gasket: better heart conduction from the manifold.

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