Engine Troubleshooting - Gasoline Engine

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Diagnosing Engine Difficulty - Gasoline Tractors

The following suggestions are listed for your assistance. You can make simple adjustments on your tractor that will improve its operation and save you the time and expense of hiring someone to do it for you.

Always make one adjustment at a time, and if the adjustment made does not improve the condition, return to the original setting before proceeding to the next adjustment.

Engine Fails to Start or Runs Unevenly

  • Fuel valve is shut off.
  • Incorrect fuel in tank.
  • Float valve sticking.
  • Fuel tank empty.
  • Clogged fuel filter or fuel lines.
  • Dirty or clogged air cleaner.
  • Leaking or loose manifold.
  • Engine flooded.
  • Broken wires from distributor to engine.
  • Wires not in proper position.
  • Switch not turned on or defective.
  • Spark plugs wet, dirty or broken.
  • Distributor weak, or out of time.
  • Spark plugs points pitted, dirty or improperly spaced.

Engine Overheated

  • Low water level in cooling system.
  • Radiator clogged.
  • Fan belt slipping.
  • Collapsed radiator hose.
  • Thermostat stuck.
  • Tractor overloaded.
  • Improperly timed ignition.
  • Fuel mixture too lean.
  • Weak spark.
  • Diluted lubricating oil.
  • Pulling heavy load at reduced engine RPM.
  • Water pump impeller vanes broken.

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