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Good or bad, good a friend thats buying a 25 hp 4x4 Branson with front end loader. Hes wanting to sell his JD , says this Branson is way better tractor
I would investigate that dealership and ask a few questions, and ask about parts availability. All the local dealers around here were single guys working out of their garage and are long gone.
Good luck with dealer support. There has been many places handle Branson, but only a very short time. They now carry either Kubota or Kioti for many years now.
You're going to get the typical "dealer support, parts support" blah blah blah. All these guys are telling you why they would not buy the tractor. They don't own one.

Frankly I'm not particularly impressed with the mainstream dealers either. If you're going to be left high and dry by the dealer, you may as well save some money.

Branson as a brand has been around for several years, so I don't think they're going anywhere. You can always find a source of parts online, or a dealer that will work with you remotely if the local dealer abandons you. If you're not afraid to work on it...
I have a Branson 6530 with loader and cab I bought new in 2007. In 2016 I bought a new 2400 with loader. On the 2400 its best to go with the hydro. I didn't and traded it last year for an LS MT2 25s (only comes in a hydro) with loader....and that's a long story on how/why I switched brands....but I am very happy with the LS Hydro. Several months ago my neighbor bought a new 4815 with cab and loader. I am happy with my purchases and so is the neighbor. I had half a dozen deers up to 100 hp over the years, but I only have older Fords. and the two newer tractors now.

I don't know how the TYM purchase of Kukje/Branson may have changed things. The neighbors Branson seems to have some TYM influence in it but still has the Cummins licensed Branson engine (as mine have/had). An adjacent neighbor to him has a TYM of about 48hp T474 with loader and cab as I recall which is the same size and looks identical from a distance. That Cummins (licensed) engine is hard to beat, nice and simple, one of the main reasons I went with the 6530 in the first place.
That looks like a 2510 which is the next size up from my 2400 and it looks like it has a Skid Steer quick disconnect bucket which is a BIG plus. If it has a hydro that would be the reasons I swapped my 2400...too small for my size and manual shift and manual PTO, plus after having and using a hydro of this size, my old school idea of get a shifter went out the window.

The A1100N2 24+ hp IDI engine is more power than my 2400 needed so I assume if the 2510 is using that engine (which it probably does) it will have plenty of power too. My LS is the size and power of the 2510 and has more than enough power. too with only 25 hp......25 hp in a compact of today's diesel engine designs are way more powerful and fuel efficient than my first tractor.....a Farmall Super A or B forget which...22 HP gasser. The 2400 and the MT2 have more power than is needed to run a 5' brush hog rotary mower....which covers the tracks when mowing, unlike a 4' that was recommended for the 2400 when I purchased it (opinion based on my personal experiences).
On your dealer comments, back in the Spring of 2007 I was ready to retire and downsize from my Deers and Fords. I shopped the
big name popular colors in my immediate area and found just what you said about big isn't necessarily good. The service bays were
full and the waiting to be repaired lot was full. At the Branson dealership there were no broken tractors in the service bay nor
waiting to be repaired area. The dealer had a full array of models and also sold trailers.

I broke cab glass mowing on two occasions and had the door and window glass within the week. I did a stupid thing on one
occasion and messed up my front end bearings. I ordered the parts from the Plainview, Tx. warehouse and had them within the
week. In completing the repair I changed front axle lube from THD lube to 85w-140 and still do stupid things from time to time but
no failures. My 2016 2400 came with 80w-90 specified. I think there is a story there.
I think the quality of the Branson, as well as the related TYM, are fine, and yes, I have operated both in the past.

The problem I cant get past, is the dealers come and go, in this area, and none ever stay in business longer than 3 years or so.

That promotes a buyer beware status in my mind.
Still, if I was offered an incredible price, Id give it a whirl.
Ya'll can have those off brand nobody tractors. I'll stay with my old fashioned tractors I can fix. And those pictures still look like I'd be shopping for a tractor if I wanted a loader tractor. Too small for me.
I used the local dealer to sell me a tractor. WWW is full of Branson dealers that will order parts for you. Lots of parts are stocked
right here in the USA. My Bransons came with a full set of manuals. I can/have fix(ed) them myself. So for me, having a dealer
across the fence is a moot point! Besides there is no waiting line/list/repair priority for getting after the repairs when needed.
That's a lot of money for a loader. Maybe you should buy his JD. I got everything pictured (2016 w/600hrs) for considerably less 3 weeks ago. I have to get out of the seat, but I can go from bucket to forks or front plow in less than 2 minutes with this quick attach system.


i worked at a dealership that sold both branson and tym before they merged. the bransons were more plane while the tyms were more fancy and had more operator room on the platform. the boss let the tyms go after a few years because the company was hard to deal with . the boss and shop manger were both gone one day and there was a guy on the phone wanting some service work done on a branson. he had moved from somewhere out west to park rapids mn. he had bought the tractor out west and he moved to park rapids because they had a branson dealer. shortly after he moved to park rapids the dealership dropped the branson line. he wanted to know how much it would be to have someone come to service his tractor. my dads brother had a cabin near park rapids so i knew it would be a 6 hour drive each way. i think the shop rate was $65.00 an hour he got real upset when i told him that. i said he should haul it down himself he said he sold his trailer. so i told him to call back and make arangements with the boss i never did get to go to park rapids. so he must have figured something out.
Never been on a Branson but I suspect they are very similar to everything else on the market. Resell would drop them off my list. I do like the LS tractors. I've spent several hours on them, was on a Mt2 25s yesterday. Nice units.
(quoted from post at 20:41:00 04/12/22) Yeah I broke mine in half and been looking for a transmission housing. Anyone know where I can get one?

Branson dealer. If not, you're out of luck.

They're too new to have any in the wrecking yards yet, plus there aren't that many of them out there.
The main reason I am responding to this old post is to see if my response will post. For some reason I have not been able to make a new post. I just get an error message.
Never been on a Branson but I suspect they are very similar to everything else on the market. Resell would drop them off my list. I do like the LS tractors. I've spent several hours on them, was on a Mt2 25s yesterday. Nice units.
I had a manual shift Branson 2400 which also had a tranny driven use the PTO you stop the tractor, push in the clutch, shift into PTO position, set your desired travel gear and let the clutch out. The PTO starts turning as the tractor starts moving.
Other thing was that the seat-steering wheel clearance was real tight when you had the seat adjusted where the steering wheel was in a comfortable distance from your body. I bought it thinking my "old school" brain was making the right decision.

After 5 years of ownership I just got tired of the above routine. I went to the Branson dealer for a different setup and the dealer said that they didn't take trade-ins but gave me the phone number of a dealer that did. After contacting that dealer I found out that he was an LS dealer besides dealing in used tractors.

At his recommendation I bought the MT2-25s with loader. The difference in the two tractors is remarkable plus the dealer delivered the new tractor 250 miles without charge and took 2 of my tractors in trade, one the 2400. Couldn't ask for a better deal than that and I kick myself for not realizing that for the kind of work that you do with that size tractor the hydro is the only way to go.

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