Engine Runs About 3 mins and stops

Tim Hawkins

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I should say the engine runs about 3 min.s and stops does not sputter just stops. I had the carburetor rebuilt at a carb. shop that did a really nice job several years ago. I have also had the generator and ignition box rebuilt. I am going to pull the filter bowel fitting that goes into the tank and clean it. I have already cleaned the fuel line and filter bowel and screen. Anything else I might be missing?
Need more info. What tractor do you have?? Is it a distributor or mag type ignition system. 6 or 12 volts etc. etc etc. Hard to help if we don't know what you have
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The tractor is either a C or CA i believe it is a CA although my father inlaw that gave it to us said that it was a 1942 and had been in the family since the day it was first purchased . It has a distributor and is 6 volt but has been changed over to a negative ground. Is there anything else that I can add to help?
I had the same problem with a w-6 years ago. It turned out to be ice in the fuel tank. I doubt that you have iceb but you might want to check the tank for dirtor rust.
I've had a similar problem on two tractors - a WD and a D-14. The WD turned out to be debris in the tank. I put a stand pipe in the fuel strainer so that is took the gas from a half inch from the bottom of the tank and never had a problem again. On the D-14, the gas cap had been replaced with a new chrome one by the previous owner. It turned out to be the new cap as it didn't have a vent. Drilled a very small hole in the middle of the cap and eliminated the problem. Ignition could cause such a problem but I consider it rare and unlikely. The gas fixes are easy - do first items. When the gas is flowing right, you should be able to put a funnel under the carburetor, remove the drain plug from the bottom of the carb, and drain gas at a very good rate for 10 minutes with out a change in rate of flow. If there is a change, something is getting in the way.
Well if its a CA it will have 4 speed tranny and a hand clutch and also power adjust rear wheels. Now you say runs about 3 minutes that could be one of about 3 things. A problem with fuel flow which can be checked by removeing the drain plug from the bottom of the carb and letting it flow for 5 minutes. Catch the gas so as to look at it and save it. Could also be a clogged main jet which can also be checled by pulling the main jet plug and check for gas flow there. Could also be a bad condenser or bad ignition switch
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THANKS TO ALL it was rust in the fuel tank. I pulled the filter bowel and cleared the line going up into the tank. It worked and then after running up and down the driveway plugged again, but I know the solution which is to take the supply fitting out of the bottom of the tank and flush the tank - I think.

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