Mid mount Sickle Mower


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I need to know what size the drive pulley that goes on the pto is . I bouht a 7ft sickle mower . But it did not have the pulley.

What model is it and what model tractor does it fit?? With out that info its hard to be able to help you. Now if its for a B or C send me an e-mail and I can send you the manual for it. Oh also if its for a B/C you can no longer buy them from AGCO BTDT and made my own for my sickle mower
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I can't find anything on the mower. it fits a b/c . I'm putting it on a 1948 B. I was planning on having to make one. But,I can't find one to get the dia. .It uses two B V-belts
Never seen one that used 2 belts. The one on my C, which would be the same as on a B only has 1 belt. The pulley on it should be 10 inches but I could not find a 10 inch one so I used a 12 and it works ok but goes a little on the fast side so I have to run low rpms
If it takes 2 belts, it must be a #5 mower, designed for the CA but brackets were also available for the B & C. I have one in my shed, but like you, I have no drive pulley.
Some one the other day posted something about sickle bar mowers and then some one answered them and the person who answered said the sickle mower made for the CA used a double pulley so from that info I bet you have one made to fit the CA

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