Pics-Results Estate Sale With 7 Older Tractors Plus More


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On Sat May 15th and Sat May 22nd I attended the HC and Zelma Hooper Estate sales held near Milford,MO...Mr Hooper passed in 2009 and Mrs Hooper passed at age 94 in January 2021..She was a retired school teacher...They had no children..The first sale on May 15th was for the household stuff and the antiques and it took 6 hours...It rained for the first 3 hours but after dinner it quit..Things sold well..

On Sat May 22nd at 10 AM they sold 200 acres of the 280 acre farm..The home 80 acres with the buildings had been sold a few months before the sale to a neighbor..The 200 acres of pasture and hay sold in 3 tracts and averaged $3,250 per acre for $650,000 total...It all went to the same buyer...It lays nice and could be farmed but it wont be..The tractors and machinery hadn't been used in years but the neighbor across the road tried to keep the tractors running as the widow couldn't bear to part with them....Some of these had sat with flat tires but they appeared to be OK..The neighbor and his son started 6 of the 7 tractors using LP gas to run them..They have lots of Allis tractors used for haying with most being run on LP... The sale took 3 hours and it rained lightly for the entire 3 hour sale...Sales like this one are few and far between these days...

The auction company that did the sales does it the old fashioned way..There are no bidder numbers and they just write your last name down.

The 504 IH sold for $2,400..The nephew whom I know bought it..He lives close by..

The 4600 Ford sold for $2,700...It went to the close neighbor with all the AC's...I asked him how it would fit in with all the AC's and he said it fit in fine after he converts it to run on LP gas..

The 2030 John Deere sold for $3,000...

The late model straight 6 speed B John Deere with cultivator sold for $2,000..It had Roll-a-matic..It wasnt started at the sale but was running not that long ago...The nephew got it..

The unstlyed B John Deere with #5 JD mower sold for $1,900...The nephew bought it.


The H Farmall with loader sold for $700.

This H Farmall sold for $900 and the nephew bought it.


This nice #352 New Holland Grinder -mixer sold for $3,600.

The 12 ft IHC #37 disk sold for $700...

This nice Ford 4 bottom plow sold for $170...The 6 ft JD brush hog behind it sold for only $80....The Woods Brothers corn picker sold for $50.

I will be back after awhile with 10 more pictures..


The white top Allis round baler was barely used and sold for $200...Some said it had only baled 150 bales??It showed no wear....I own one that only baled 1614 bales..

The New Idea manure spreader sold for $320...The Case auger wagon sold for $300..

The Woods Brothers corn picker sold for $280...The Allis 60 combine sold for $375.

The 2 row IH planter sold for $150...The New Holland #451 9 ft mower sold for $1,000..

This nice 66 Allis combine sold for $375..It had a boo-boo when it was pulled thru a narrow gate.


The John Deere #640 rake sold for $325..

The Allis 7 ft drag disk sold for $100.

The IH 4 row planter sold for $1650..

The IH field cultivator sold for $$150..

The older IH rake sold for $40..

I'll be back with some more pictures..
Wow $1650 for that old planter!! Maybe I should drag the couple of 56 4 rows my uncle has in NE KS out of the old machinery row and haul them down to a sale in MO.


The John Deere #43 corn sheller sold for $40..A couple of #5 John Deere mowers to the left sold for $30 and $35...There were no scrap buyers there..

The John Deere 17 hole drill sold for $65..

A friend got this Cockshutt ash tray at the first sale for $5.00....Its from the only known Cockshutt dealer to ever be in southwest Missouri..He also got a nice 1963 Ford promo car for $2.00.

Some of the school desks that sold on the sale...Mrs Hooper had lots of school collectibles..Some were from her students whom loved her...

A nice Allis 2 bottom 3 pt plow sold for $180..I have no picture for it..


The neighbor's son from across the road Tristan W whom I know kept busy during the first sale using his D-14 Allis on LP to pull people out of the pasture..It was a challenge hooking on some vehicles..I waited until everyone left and took a run at it with my 2WD Ranger and made it out of there..Several 4WD's even got stuck..It probably rained 1/2 inch during the sale....Tristan and his family play Blue Grass all over Missouri....Its rained for 8 straight days in my part of MO and we are wet..Not much has been done since April 6th..

Looking east at part of the home 80 acres..


The New Harmony Baptist Church close to the sale appears to no longer be used..I hadn't been by it in several years.

I have another sale to attend next Saturday...I will have to skip one of my favorite tractor pulls to do it...It will probably get rained out like 2 of 3 tractor pulls so far this year.
It will not be plowed up but will be used for cattle and hay like it has been for years..The buyer has a cattle operation...Just a few miles west of this sale its nearly flat and almost everything is in wheat, corn,and soybeans.
As of others have said, thanks for posting! These are some of the best posts on here. I'm a little surprised at no scrap buyers... has that market dropped back???
Thanks...This is the first sale this year that I've seen no scrap buyers...At some sales there have been 2-3 very aggressive buyers...There wasnt much loose scrap at this sale and they probably figured most of the smaller implements would sell high enough that there wouldnt be much profit..
Thanks for posting. Looks like fairly good prices on most items. I would have bought the 2030 JD if it was as good as the picture makes it appear. I always enjoy these auction reports and additional pictures. As far as the neighbor bluegrass musician I love bluegrass as wel as older country music and am listening to Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mt boys as I type this.
Excellent post. Wish I had the auger wagon, one is on my
wish list. Are you sure that cultivator is IH? It's made by
glenco I believe so it could be case, but I don't think glenco
made them for ih. At least it looks like a glenco.
IH planter, was it a 449 0r 450? Clutch or Hydrolig lift? The Amish in my area want those IH planters with clutch lift as they are the only clutch lift 4 row planter made that can be set for 30 rows. If in condition and with clutch lift here on dealer lot a thousand dollars.
Auctioneer and sale bill said IH but that doesnt mean that it was..I didnt look it over real close so it could have been a Glencoe....There once was a Glencoe dealer at Lamar,MO not that far way....There was an IH rake there painted green..
If that planter is what I think it is that was a very low price for it Not a 56 and they are not worth anything as only hydrolic and cannot be converted to a clutch lift. Amish friend found that out after he got one and I explained things to him what he would have to do and he is a dealer and machinery rebuild person and runs a machine shop with a horsepower made out of an old Moline tractor rear end. It sure looks like a 449 or 450 planter and here in Amish country that model planter in good condition with the clutch lift on dealers lot would be a $1,000

Nice report, very thorough. I like the Ford 4600, always liked the blue Fords. Seems like a reasonable buying price. Sounds like there were a few neighbors and relatives waiting for this sale. They probably got good deals on tractors they were already familiar with.

I saw a Case auger wagon like that sell for $25 at an auction. should have bought it but the wife would have shot me.

My wife's grandfather had an IH rake like that last one. I'm sure her grandmother gave it away. I suspect someone came in and stole alot of stuff. I hate to ask what she sold the 686 for. It was very nice that her granddad had bought new. Last time i drove it it only had 16-1700 hours on it, diesel pretty much flawless other than the lights didn't work and the calcium was eating the rear rims. But i'm sure someone made her a stupid offer and she sold it. Many things were sold and we didn't even realize it.
That A means it is a later 449 planter and does not have the trouble parts like a John Deere 495A planter that nost have had them removed.
I cannot believe those prices....had I been there they would have sold for a bit more. Remember a sale occurs when the second to the last bidder pulls out.....I have a story about a bull I wanted at a sale barn and in short, I was bidding against a ghost.....when I decided that the bid was up over what I was willing to pay I quit bidding and the bidding came to a screeching halt. The auctioneer looked at me and asked me why I quit bidding. I said that the other bidder bid it out of my range.....he wiggled out of that by asking me some questions and I went home with it for my last bid. My last purchase from that barn.

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