Pics Sale Results-11 Tractors- 80 Corvair's And More


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Yesterday I attended a huge sale at the east edge of Carthage,MO..There were 11 old tractors and 135 vehicles...80 of the vehicles were Corvair's..All were rough and not running..There was tons of tools-etc...It was real wet there as they had a 1 inch rain on Wednesday..For sale day it was cloudy and the temp got up to 50..There was a large crowd present with people there from 4 states.

The F-20 and C Farmalls sold for $150 each..


The B Farmall sold for $475.


The Farmall C sold for $350..It had new rear tires but the right one had sat flat for awhile.


The M Farmall sold for $200...The sheet metal,gas tank, etc for it sold separately.


The F-14 Farmall on the left sold for $50 and the H Farmall sold for $200.


The 2010 JD Industrial sold for $400.


The Cub Farmall with mower sold for $$250.A collector got it.


The John Deere B sold for $225.


The Cultivision A sold for $200.


The David Bradley sold for $30..

I'll be back with more pics and results...It may be awhile as the pics arent loading very fast.
At least some degree of sanity prevails in your part of the country. Back in January I watched a similar auction in my area where a M was far rougher but brought 900 dollars. I could not help but think about PT Barnum's famous quote about a sucker being born every minute.


The gas pump sold for either $1800 or $1850..I was watching the other sale ring when it sold.


The IH thermometer sold for $230..


The Model A Ford sold for $3,650..The rear end for it was outside.
Another rougher Model A sold for $700


The 1966 Chevelle 2 door which was all apart sold for $5,000 to a bidder that left a bid before the sale.
No one at the sale bid.


The 1958 Chevy Apache sold for $3,100.

The rough 1959 Buick convertible sold for $3,100


The 1967 Ford Ranger sold for $2,800.


The 1965 Impala SS sold for $$2,700...A twin to it with no engine sold for $1400.


A consigned 1966 Corsair Monza was a no sale at $550...It had 88,000 miles,no title,and the engine was stuck..


The old Chevy sold for $700.

More than one truck got stuck at the sale..My Ford Ranger was parked just to the left of this stuck Dodge with highway tires....I made it in OK but barely got out when I left at 5 PM.


This was the lane to the 135 vehicles..A guy was there with a Bobcat and was charging $50 per vehicle to drag then out and put them on your trailer..You had 45 days to get them removed.


Most of the Corvair's had been there for 30-40 years..There were 2 doors,4 doors, vans,pickups,station wagons,convertibles,Spyders-etc..
Some had titles and some didnt..They had 15 extra titles because they couldnt open the doors on lots of them to check the VIN..The scrappers probably
got about half of the Corvairs for $200-230 each.

The 5-6 Corvair vans sold for $225 to $600 each.


The 6 Corvair pickups sold for $275 to $450 each.


The 2-3 Corvair station wagons sold for $$250-300 each.


There were two rare Corvair Spyders and they went to the same young man for $350 each..He told me that this was the 7th Corvair that he had bought at the sale.
He was happy to get them..


This Corvair sold for $250.

I have more pics to post but since its so slow loading I'm stopping here..I have several sales to attend in March..

Love your auction reports with pictures 1206, Keep them coming!!

Did you purchase anything at this auction?

Neighbors had a small Corvair car growing up we called the Rat, was a field service vehicle, no registration or inspection 13 year olds dream car taking supply's to the field. Had the shifter on the dash. Cant believe we never rolled that thing, being low to the ground it took the corners fast!
Like I said before 1206--You get all the good sales in your part of the World!!! Was Ralph Nader there??----THANKS for the share---
I sure love that rusty gas pump in the 2nd set of photos!!! Have watched a few of them sell - they always fetch a high price.

I like all the rusty old, cars, trucks and tractors.

Me thinks you have altogether too much auction fun. :)
All I purchased was a hot dog and a Pepsi..Several friends were there and made some smaller purchases...My wifes older step brother had a Corvair and she said that one time 6 of them got in it for a 30 mile ride to the lake...
i was sick or id been there as that B john deere was mine. had to donate it to my ex. i knew it ended up there n he liked my ex not me n wouldnt sell it to anybody cause i sent a guy there about a year after i tried to buy it.
only 12 miles from my house

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