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This morning I attended the Elmer Fast Estate Sale held near abundant,MO...It was a very chilly morning with temps in the low-mid 20's and it was partly cloudy with a
north wind....The normal high should be 57 degrees but 29 was all that was expected for today...Elmer passed away 4 years ago at age 90..I knew Elmer and his two
sons thru antique tractor pulling back in the 1970's-80's..The temperature may have been cold but the bidding was hot...Elmer was a well respected farmer and kept his
stuff shedded and took care of it...There was no small stuff and the sale was over in less than 2 hours.

Back in August 1978 I was at the Girard,Kansas AC dealers final close out sale held at his farm west of Girard...Elmer was there and wanted to buy a WC Allis
tractor..Elmer milked cows and had to leave the sale before it sold..He had me bid on it for him and I got it bought and hauled it to his place on the way home....They gave
everything away at that sale as they were in a bad drought in SE Kansas.


The Case-IH 9250 with 8208 hours sold for $35,000.


The Case-IH 5130 with 6000 hours sold for $19,000....The family kept a Case-IH 5140 with FWA and loader.


The one owner 560 IH diesel with 3835 hours sold for $7,400....It was clean..

I've only seen one other 560 bring close to this price.


The 2 owner 1968 Ford F-600 with 87,000 miles sold for $4,500.


The 2 owner 1973 IH Loadstar 1600 with 57,000 miles sold for $8,400.


The 1967 Chevy C-60 Lime truck sold for $6,250..


The 1983 M-3 Gleaner RWA combine with 318 head sold for $8,000.

My late brother was a AC and Gleaner mechanic and had worked on this combine.


This one owner 1969 model 55 JD combine sold for $1,500.

It had only sat out a few nights in its life.


The nice running H Farmall sold for $1,500.


The non running F-12 Farmall on steel sold for $700.

I'll be back with more pics and results.


This nice #37 IH disc sold for $1,300...

The Sunflower 9411 15 ft drill sold for $21,000.


The nice Case-IH 3950 32 ft disc sold for $14,500..


The Case-IH 4800 32 ft field cultivator sold for $4,500..


The 510 IH 21x7 grain drill sold for $2,800...
Thats highest one I've seen in years.


The John Deere Model R manure spreader sold for $1,150..


Non running Allis WC on rear steel sold for $275.


Non running W-30 McCormick sold for $450..
The original cut off steel wheels went with it.


Non running F-20 sold for $300..
A F-20 parts tractor sold for $150..

Other prices..
Case-IH 900 6 row planter sold for $2,250
Parker 200 bu gravity wagon with auger $2,200
IH 15 ft culti-packer $1,600
IH #55 15 ft chisel $1,900
JD FB 17 hole drill $800
MF 1565 big baler $800
10 wheel V-Rake $900
JD 260 7 ft disc mower $1,700
IH 6x16 plow $375

I have a large sale to attend tomorrow..At least it will be 40 degrees then.
I forgot to mention that the M3 Gleaner was a two owner with 2050 hours and brand new 30.5x32 drive tires.
Parts support would be an hour and a half away for me for Gleaner and word is they don't offer much in stock for the older cylinder/walker machines.
Was the Jd 55 combine gas or diesel? good looking trucks. Thanks for posting.
Thanks for posting really enjoy it.I'm sure we could take up collection for free lunches at the sale for you.For all your effort doing this.
I have to drive an hour to two hours for John Deere, anything AGCO and Case. New Holland is 20 minutes away but I currently don't have anything New Holland that I need to buy parts for. If I'm going to be made to pay the shipping for ordering parts in, I might as well have it sent direct to me. Online parts and UPS keeps me going.
The JD 55 combine had a 303 gas engine with 3666 hours on it..Diesel 55's were almost non existent in my area.
John Deere is close and more importantly generally has parts on hand for the 6620 combine and 7000 planter I have. A lot of times I can be up and going within a couple of hours. Going forward I'll probably buy more IH/CIH due to a much lower initial purchase cost but would buy JD if the money is close. CIH locally not as good on parts so I would need to stock common replacement parts on my own.
Thanks for the posting . The 2 ton grain trucks for 50 year old trucks looked good but around here just more of them for sale than their are buyers. Sure looks like they bought all they were worth.
You can get just about any belt or bearing for a Gleaner from Napa or an industrial supply. And parts support for any brand that age is a challenge.
Thanks for posting these sales with prices and photos? Seems like that is quite a bit of money for that JD spreader do you think it had been used recently? What kind of tractors did he pull? Were the tractors F12, F20 etc. projects he never got to because he did not really retire from farming? I grew up in Marysville, KS which I am sure you know where it is but for others it is in the NE of the state. Home of Landoll Corp.
My dad was a farmer and then a dairy farmer until I graduated HS in 67. Then he got out of the farming business.
I look back and wonder how farmers made any money with small equipment, a couple hundred acres, small trucks and small tractors.
I guess dad had free labor, children.

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