Pics Results-Huge Estate Sale With 80 Plus Tractors


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Yesterday morning I was up early and on the road by 5:30 AM...I was heading 130 miles north to Sweet Springs,MO to the Butch Werneke estate sale..They were redoing the bridge just south of Windsor,MO so I had to take a detour and got behind a school bus for about 10 stops...I arrived there at 8:30 AM..There were 80 plus old tractors plus lots of older farm machinery on the sale.

After 2 weeks of very cold weather it had finally warmed up...It was a beautiful sunny day and the temperature was up near 60 degrees..The sale started at 9 AM with one ring and the auctioneer announced they might do a 2nd ring in the afternoon...They didnt need to as the auctioneer moved things and turned a 10 hour sale in to about a 5 hour sale..The only tractor that was started was the 460 Farmall.. 26 of the best tractors were on the internet for bidding..They guaranteed them to either run or would run with some minor work..About half the tractors were parts tractors and they mostly sold in the $150-300 range...I'll probably put 40 pictures on here which will take awhile.


The 1959 model 460 Farmall gas sold for $1,100..


The 5020 John Deere with turbo sold for $4,000...It had tranny problems.


The 3010 John Deere diesel sold for $4,150..


The closest 8N Ford sold for $1,400..The other 8N sold for $900.


The Farmall B sold for $850.


The 1931 Ford Model A sold for $4,500..It showed 32,113 miles and had been in the family since new..It had a 1960 tag on it.


The 7050 Allis with tranny problems sold for $1,500....I knew the buyer..The C Allis beside it sold for $125.
For many years Sweet Springs,MO located just to the west had a good Allis dealer.


The 1947 WC Allis sold for $375.


The WC Allis sold for $525.


The John Deere 3010 gas sold for $3,250..

Be back with 10 more.


The VAC Case sold for $325.

The 4020 John Deere diesel sold for $6,800 which was cheap.

The Allis WC sold for $600.


The 1954 IH Super MTA sold for $3,750..


The Allis B sold for $600..The buyer was a friend.


The 1950 model MM ZA sold for $4,100,yes $4,100.


The 1952 model Massey 22 sold for $950.


The 1951 Farmall C sold for $700..


The John Deere 2510 gas with fresh engine sold for $4,350..

The Ford 2000 sold for $3,000..The Willys Jeep to the left sold for $600.

Be back with more.


The 1936 model John Deere D sold for $3,000.
Some how I didnt get a picture of the nice Ferguson tractor to the left of the D..It sold for $675.

The Farmall H sold for $700.


This John Deere B sold for $1,800.


The F-12 Farmall on steel sold for $600.


The Farmall F-20 with rebuilt engine sold for $700.

The Allis WC sold for $400.

The 1947 model Case SC sold for $850..

This Farmall 300 with good tires and rebuilt engine sold for $700....Way too cheap!!

This John Deere D sold for $300.

This John Deere 620 parts tractor sold for $700...I knew the buyer.

Be back with more.
These middle of the week sales with only in person bidding don't seem to do very well - especially if they are primarily selling older stuff. The part timers that might use it (like that 4020 or the 300) are all at work. My son went to one by Clay Center Kansas last week on a Thursday. A few items went for well what they were worth - others went dirt cheap, a somewhat rough John Deere 4250 brought a very respectable $39,000 while a running used in the field this year Case 1370 only brought $2900. He also picked up several new or like new hydraulic cylinders for $10 or less each. A pair of like new 13.6 38 tires brought $1400 - while he picked up a Honda Big Red for $300. Brought it home and cleaned the carb and was giving his younger brother rides on it that evening.

The Jeep would have gone home with me at twice the price.


This running and driving Allis Chalmers 7000 sold for $3,750.

The plows didnt bring much.


Long row of tractors.

The engines in the picture sold from $250 to $650 each..The Maytag washer sold for $125.


I left before the old Chevy truck sold..I had several one room schools to hunt down.

The trailer and Maytags sold for $400.

The Postal one room school (1880-1964)at Postal,MO in NE Pettis County..
Corn and bean harvest was still going on in that area.

What's left of the old general store in Postal,MO.

The McVey one room school located at the east edge of Sedalia,MO.

I had room for one more picture..This Cadillac sold for $700.
A Chevy Spark sold for $4,500.

After a fun day I got home a little after dark..Once again a bridge was being replaced between Roscoe
and Tiffin,MO so I had to take a detour.Theres a sale Saturday at Greenfield,MO with 8-10 old John Deeres
but it may rain all day.
Yes,there was definitely some bargains at that sale..We are fastly running
out of buyers in my area as the interest in older tractors is waning.
I'll probably go to Kansas and look at Rays old 88 Oliver puller on Friday..
You hit the nail on the head , just more old tractors than they are folks wanting OLD tractors, the Ih 300 for $ 700.00 yes it was cheap but boils down to just who wants it and what are you going to do with it. This p art of the country old tractors have been like that for awhile , not what they are worth just a question of who buys them. May get worse here before long, if money tightens up.
I never bought any of the tractors I have in hopes of reselling at a profit. The results of this auction reaffirm that thought as I'm pretty much upside down on all my tractors. Unfortunately I have a few that have been inside but not run for a few years, probably similar to many at this auction. Oh well, it is what it is, and the glory of old iron is/has past with the exception of a few hardy souls. Thanks for posting and reporting. gobble
Thanks for posting - these numbers aren't available anywhere. I appreciate you taking the time to take pictures and write down pricing then the patience to post it all here.

Would have loved to have bought that 7000 - the exact size we need for round baling.
Its absolutely astonishing that those tractors along with the Model A Ford sold for those prices. If that had been in Alabama those prices would have been tripled. Folks around here have lost their minds on what they think something is worth. For the prices you posted I would have bought many of them.

Kinda glad I wasn't there,That F-12 and F-20 woulda been tempting. We did our mowing with an F-12 and F-20s were well admired around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no need for another YT tractor.
Don't care how good the deal is.
Not saying others can't have them. It's their money, their choice.
I stopped collecting cars and old tractors a long time ago.
I sold my 1962 jaguar XKE the year I retired in 2004. That was my last antique car.
I like collecting green pieces of paper with famous faces on them instead.
All pieces of paper are the same size, same color and have numbers on them.
Go figure.
I can't tell you the last auction I went to.
Have a happy turkey day.
Tomturkey, I disagree a bit, out of 30 cubs we have sold over the last 2-3 years most were bought by younger couples. 35 years old and under. They were all wanting an old reliable tractor for the garden and yard. Ford n series sell really good, too. With you tube, they can and will keep them running.
Lots of deals there. I would have been after that 31 ford A, just because its original , rusty and looks good.
I am happy for you. Maybe there will be a buyer for my things, but auction results indicate a price in the 40-50% of what I paid and I believed I got a pretty good deal on them at the time. But the times have changed and so has their value in my opinion. I enjoy your posts keep up the good work of saving old iron. gobble
You should have let me know you were coming through. I have knowledge of a cut through there in Windsor, and I could have gotten you breakfast in Montrose,
Thanks for sharing. GG Wes
Mornin, Happy Thanksgiving. If you passed the little red school house in Sedalia, you were about 5 mi from my place, S on M.

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